Jessica Alba’s Baby Shower

The official gift bag at Jessica’s shower was from Tastybaby, an organic baby food company. All guests received a recyclable tote bag filled with baby food, recipes and toys.

I’m still loving Jessica’s maternity style (and I love love love her flats!!) and I can’t wait to see her baby!

Click the last thumbnail for the “Life’s a Peach” bellini recipe.

Source : Flynet

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  1. Linda

    The girl behind Jessica looks a lot like her,Is that her sister?

  2. moore

    They do look very much alike don’t they? It’s the body double.

  3. Lisa

    Although it looks a little like her body double, I’m going to say it’s her sister-in-law Nicky. Here’s some pictures of Jessica with Nicky

  4. PtitePom

    You know what ? I wondered the very same thing when I posted the pics. I wanted to write it but I thought I’d check first… But I don’t think she has a sister. A brother, yes, but no sis… Not that I know of… Maybe a cousin ?

    Edit : The Daily Telegraph says that Jess’ sister was there

  5. PtitePom

    Just checked imdb, wiki and other Jess site, and they all say she only has a brother, Joshua. They do not mention a sister. So Lisa must be right !

  6. CC

    Its her stunt double Taryn for sure. I used to work with her back in Vancouver.

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