Angela Kinsey: “This Pregnancy Is Flying By”

The Office’s Angela Kinsey is getting ready to welcome her baby girl in a few weeks. Her co-workers just threw her a baby shower, and she recently talked to Pinks & Blues about her pregnancy, work at the “Office” and decorating the nursery:

You’re in the final stretch… How are you feeling? Are the final weeks going by at snail’s pace or flying by like a horse race?

I feel great. A little short of breath at times but other than that I feel fine. So far for me this pregnancy is flying by, but I do feel like I’m in the final stretch. Bending over to pick things up is getting tough. Now when I drop things, unless they are really important, I just kick them out of my way. And I have become a huge fan of flip flops or anything that just slides on my feet. Ladies, please tell me I am not alone in this.

Obviously you can’t reveal any big juicy “Office” secrets… but can you reveal if Angela will be sporting a baby bump around Dunder Mifflin?

I can’t wait for everyone to see our new episodes but you won’t be seeing a baby bump. “Angela Martin” does a lot of filing and carrying folders, etc. in the next six episodes. Die-hard fans, forgive us, but with only six episodes left it was just too hard to make the time jump that my character would be preggers.

Hop on over to Pinks & Blues to read how Angela is decorating the nursey, and if her castmates are taking polls on the baby’s arrival date.

Source: Pinks & Blues Girls Blog

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