How Jennifer Lopez Plans On Losing Baby Weight

Three hour daily workouts seven days a week mean that the 38 year-old has lost 40lbs – at a rate of 10lbs a week – since having twins Max and Emme in Feburary. A source told Closer that Jennifer Lopez has hired a crack team of nutritionists and personal trainers dubbed her ‘120 lb team’ which refers to her target weight of 8 stone 8lbs.

Her workouts consist of Pilates, a one hour cardio workout followed by an hour of weight training. Despite embarking on such a gruelling schedule the 5ft 5 performer has limited her food intake to 1,400 calories a day and banned all carbohydrates.

Source : Female First

Photos : Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Rinoa

    If this is true, it seems a little nuts! I understand wanting to look good but geez, why go so crazy trying to lose all of the weight so fast? 10lbs a week is a lot! Just enjoy the babies!

  2. kaakie

    sp much for losing the baby weight slowly

  3. jamie

    I guess shes not breastfeeding ,she would need more calories then that for twins!

  4. Dea

    Working out is great post delivery but I think she really is taking this overboard. Freaking 4 am? well guess when other new mothers wake up at 4 am to take care of their newborns, J-Lo has more important priorities.

  5. Eva_baby

    She’s not breastfeeding. The funny thing is, if she did breastfeed, she’d lose all her pregnancy weight easily without 4am workouts. It really just melts off.

  6. Laura

    Thank God she doesn’t have kids to get in the way ;(

  7. sol

    i gave birth twins 9 month ago , and i have 105 pound and a flat belly just 9 day after ’cause when you are a normal people never sleep with newborns twisn and that all you need

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