Russell Crowe Picks Up Tennyson

Rugged dad, Russell Crowe was spotted picking his youngest son, Tennyson Spencer, 22-months, up from nursery school in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.


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  • How cute! I love Russell Crowe, he is such a good actor. Have you guys seen In A Good Year? It’s fantastic. It’s interesting to see how Russell who you would normally think of as a rough and tumble guy be so gentle to his very cute son.

  • Lisa

    I love him too, I didn’t see In A Good Year yet…I’ll have to get it. Just saw 3:10 to Yuma, it’s violent, but he’s great in it. After seeing him in such a role, it’s cool to see him being a dad.

  • Francisca Susi

    OMG! Tennyson Crowe is really really cute and beautiful. Russell must be over the moon to have such a handsome little boy. The elder brother, Charlie, is a heartbreaker too. So glad to see Russ now is looking more relaxed and happy, especially when he’s with his family and kids. Good onya, Russ.

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