Tori Rocks A Bikini

“So far I’ve gained 25 pounds and am loving my body!”, she says. “I’m eating whatever my body tells me it needs and wants.

“I love my growing belly and the curves I’m taking on,” she added.

Source : US Magazine

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  • Tiffany

    She’s gorgeous. She looks a 100 times better than her scrawny self on 90210.

  • BobaFett

    Good for her but I really didn’t need to see that…

  • lauran

    is it really bad? should pregnant women not wear bikini’s? i was looking forward to going to the beach this summer 🙁

  • Rinoa

    Pregnant women should definitely wear bikinis! Flaunt it!

  • Jerigan

    Wear your bikini! I agree completely embrace and flaunt it!!

  • Ja-j

    It’s not bad at all to wear a bikini while pregnant. This is 2008 for cripes sakes.

  • Lisa

    I don’t think it’s a big deal – she looks like she feels good about herself – I think she looks better this pregnancy.

  • Carrie

    When this whole “show your belly” thing started years ago, it was a little shocking to me (I wore those hideous tents that they tried passing off as maternity swimwear). Now it doesn’t even faze me.

    If you want to wear a bikini and are comfortable doing so when you’re pregnant, go for it. Like Ja-j said, it IS 2008, not 1908.

  • Dea

    I wore a bikini when I was 7 months preggo @ the beach in Hong Kong and people looked at me like I was nuts, guess some cultures still arent ready for it.

  • She looks SO much better this pregnancy! She looked hideous last pregnancy, totally bloated and just ich. Looks like she’s taking better care of herself this time around.

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