Myleene Klass: “Mums With Multiple Children – I Just Don’t Know How They Do It”

Classical singer Myleene Klass and mom to Ava, 7-months, presented the nominations for the Classical Brit Awards Tuesday night. She admitted that even though she has “a lot of extra pairs of hands”, being a working mom isn’t easy, and for her getting back in shape wasn’t a priority,

“So many people want to be a singer but it’s the lifestyle they go for. But it’s also about getting up at four in the morning, doing a night feed and then going to work then getting home at midnight. It’s a tough job. Getting back in shape was not top of my priorities. I want to be a good mummy first and foremost and not worry about which bits wiggle.

Myleene went on to say how she thinks the ‘yummy mummy’ tag is amusing. “I don’t feel that yummy first thing in the morning or during the night feeds. Mums with multiple children – I just don’t know how they do it.”

She will host the prestigious awards on May 8, 2008 at the Royal Albert Hall.

Source: the Daily Mail

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