Nicole’s Mom Says Harlow “Is Trying To Crawl Already”

Nicole Richie is pictured with her dad Lionel Richie and sister Sophia at the 2008 ASCAP Pop Awards on April 9, 2008 in Hollywood, CA. According to Nicole’s mom Brenda, 3-month old Harlow Kate Winter Madden is already starting to talk and tries to crawl!

Brenda Richie told Usmagazine.comat the ASCAP Pop Awards,

“The other day I was holding her, and Harlow said, ‘Hi!’ I said, ‘Nicole, did you hear that?'” Brenda continued. “Nicole said, ‘I don’t think she knew what she was saying!” Brenda added “Nicole talks to Harlow constantly, and she tries to answer back!”

Brenda said little Harlow “is trying to crawl already,” and she thinks “it’s great to see” Nicole having Harlow on a schedule. “[Harlow’s] bathing time has to be right on schedule!”

Grandma Brenda seems to be enjoying her new role, and spending time with her granddaughter – that is when she gets to see her, “I’m lucky if I get to [see] the baby. She loves being with that baby!”


Photo: Wireimage/Lester Cohen

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  1. cyberkitten38

    All i can say is WOW..that man looks AMAZING for his age! whoa! 🙂

  2. jamie

    he should after the plastic surgery lol

  3. Bee

    When he was six, my brother could drive a car! WOW!

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