Kerry Katona Welcomes A Boy !

“Kerry is fine. She had a natural labour after being induced at lunchtime and Max arrived at 5.42pm. Max is great, he’s a little small, but Kerry’s baby Heidi was only 4lb 9oz when she was born premature”, her publicist Max Clifford said last night.

Kerry was due to give birth on May 19. She and hubby Mark Croft, 37, are also parents to Heidi, one (and she is also Mom to Molly, six, and Lilly-Sue, five, fathered by ex-Westlife star Brian McFadden.)

Source : The Sun

Photo : XPOSURE via DailyMail

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  1. Katrina

    Not to be crude, but perhaps if she didnt smoke through her pregnancy she wouldnt have premature and small babies..

  2. Natsu

    i heared she takes cocain and was in a clinic for rehab a few months ago?!
    if it’s true than no wonder..

  3. nicole

    basically shes all kinds of fuc*ed up

  4. Dea

    Good luck to Max (her son, not the publicist) for having to go through life with mommy.

  5. Lora in Kentucky

    You guys are mean. I don’t agree with what she does, but does she say thingsabout peopleshe doesn’t even know? How do people know all this is true? Innocent until proven guilty. Correct?

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