Sara’s Diaper Duty

Sara Gilbert was spotted changing her baby girl Sawyer’s diaper right on the parkway of Robertson Blvd. Her son Levi Hank, almost 4, was eating a banana and decided to provide his Mom with a little hand as she changed his 8-month-old baby sister.

(btw, is Levi wearing a nappy too ?!)

Source : Bauer-Griffin

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  • Carrie

    It does look like he’s got a Pull-up on, doesn’t it?

  • christie

    its pull up and sooo what?? all kiddos learn at different times when the potty is concerned!

  • lauran

    my nephew turned 4 last sept. and just now got out of diapers. its ridiculous. lazy parents.

  • Theresa

    Lazy Parents!!! WOW!!! Nice comment…there are countless reasons why he has a pull up on…why judge?


  • Lisa

    All kids are different, I’m sure he’s almost there, and if not…he’ll get there soon. Ever kid is different.

  • Chloe

    It’s the advent of disposables that has parents prolonging toilet training. I was trained at 18 months. If people still had to use cloth diapers, they’d train their kids sooner because who wants to haul stinky, moist cloth diapers around. Used to be you couldn’t get kids into a preschool program unless they could use a toilet – is that no longer the case?

  • nicole

    no i think its lazy parents

  • Nikki

    when it come to boys you should NEVER push them into toilet training. they need to do things in their own time, otherwise it can lead to “issues” late in life.

    believe me, anyone who had delt with a 20 something man wetting the bed will know that this is true.

  • Amy

    I have friends who’s daughter is going to be 5 next month. This child has yet to be potty trained. She’s going through the motions at Preschool where the teachers are training her. At home, she still wears Pull-Ups.
    I’ve heard every excuse in the book, and many more from the parents as to why they feel it necessary to put off weaning their children from the bottle, Toilet training, teaching their children to feed themselves, walking, talking, the whole nine yards
    What it all boils down to is poor parenting skills, impatience, and 100% pure laziness on their part.
    I have 4 sons, and two of them were impossible to Toilet train, but they finally got trained, before their fourth Birthday. The other two practically trained herself. My daughter was another story all together. She would either put up a fight, or beat me to the Rest room.
    Every child is on their own time table when it comes to reaching milestones. But as always, a parent’s job is to take the reigns and lead that child of hers toward being a big boy or girl, constantly praising her little one(s) along the way.

  • crissy

    You wonder why older children are still in diapers. People Children have been attacked and raped in public restrooms. There are times when it is not convienient to go and other times when crouds make it impossible to go and thats not to mention that many public restrooms are just plain disgusting. It is a pity that people get so wound up about diapers when it is perfectly OK for babies and real old people to wear then during the day and also for children to wear them at night. Our whole family wears them when we go to concerts or other places for all the reasons I stated above.

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