Why So Sad Jessica ?

Source : Pacific Coast News

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  1. lisa

    When your a celberty you will always be in the spotlight.It comes with the territory and thats how it will always be when your rich and famous.

  2. Moore

    Nowadays you don’t have any privacy at all. Way back when cameras weren’t stuffed in a celebrity’s face every minute of the day. She’s pregnant, paps, leave her alone.

  3. Tiffany

    yeah, she really looks like the pregnancy is kickin her but right now……… I couldn’t imagine being pregnant and tired and having cameras in my face every time I stepped out. I’d personally have to punch somebody LOL!

  4. nicole

    ita C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y

  5. Dea

    I will be more surprised if she is smiley all the time. Ms.Grouchy is her nickname and yes, it comes with the territory as a celeb. Price for being famous is having no privacy in public so get over it.

  6. gia

    she has had the absolutely worse casual pregnancy fashion sense ever!
    unfortunately being a celeb does mean a trade off with your privacy…for all the money they make i would say its a fair trade though…it must reach a point where its part of your daily life & you just learn to deal with it. there are parts of everyone’s professional & personal life that arent pleasant & perfect.

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