Jennifer Lopez Baptizes Max & Emme

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had their 7 week old twins, Max and Emme baptized on Saturday April 12. Friends and family attended the private ceremony which was held at a church in Long Island, NY, followed by a reception at Jennifer and Marc’s estate in Brookville.

Source: In Touch

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  1. Tiffany

    How cute! Emme has such distinct features – her face is not babyish at all – she looks like she has an old soul.

  2. nicole

    emme is scary ,she looks just like the dad,
    she really scared me,shes so creepy

  3. Ann

    Those babies are gorgeous ust like their mother!

  4. jj

    such a beautiful mum,but the twins are not as pretty?

  5. Morrena

    How can the above comments be so unkind?
    They are just tiny babies, I don’t think I have ever seen, what you would say, beautiful tiny babies, their little features are not even developed! My friend, to her own addmittance, has had the most ugliest babies ever when they are first born, but they turned into the most beautiful children, then pretty teenagers, and finally stunning adults.
    I think Jlo and Marc Anthony’s babies are lovely as all babies are, and Emme has a little face like a porceline doll, and I’m sure she’ll turn into a beauty like her mum!

  6. Lora in Kentucky

    How is it pronounced? Like (emmi or emma or emm)?

  7. Nicole

    I honestly agree, they’re not the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. Emme in particular, especially that picture – maybe it’s because her eyes look like they have no whites, but she looks very creepy to me.

  8. Lisa

    @ Lora in Kentucky – like Emmi 😉

  9. davina tulloch

    I agree how much emmi looks like her father but think as previous comments they are both very cute

  10. Jen

    I don’t think that there are ever any “ugly” babies, as all babies are beautiful and precious. Some can be considered more attractive or “picture perfect” than others. I think her twins are precious and I bet she and her husband are completely in love with both.
    And in no means how babies look when they are little is any indication on how they will look when they are older. My middle child was what some people would consider “homely” as a little baby. He had baby acne and his nose seemed too big and his eyes too big for his face but after a few months, he filled out and became the most beautiful baby ever seen and now is an absolute GORGOUS child. I have been asked repeatedly if I would ever get him into child modeling.

    So I’m sure that both those babies will fill out in time and will be the envy of everyone ^^ Though, on a personal note, I think they’re just too precious for words now ^^

  11. DropThePilot

    C’mon, guys, you have to deal that you can’t be liked by everyone and it IS normal that to someone you won’t look beautiful. (Not speaking and not even trying to about their personalities and/or future development) to me those kids don’t look any pretty, especially the girl. Maybe it’s just not a good photoshot, who knows?

  12. Dea

    Ok, I am in a cheeky mood today so all I was hoping during the photo shoot that those 2 babies did a projectile vomit on J-Lo’s $5,000 dress! Ooh, priceless..;-)

  13. sarah

    i think the babies are very beautiful, there is no such thing as ugly babies, i have 11 month old twins and they are gorgeous. I’d go off the wall if anyone said they were ugly. Take no notice of shallow people jen. Everyone who says babies are ugly GROW UP.
    They are very precious.

  14. wendy

    No babies are “cute ” when they are this small. My 15 year old son looked old and wrinkled at this age but now he has girls falling at his feet. Babies grow into their features. I am sure mum is very proud and adores them both and will enjoy watching them blossom into beautiful children.


  16. DropThePilot

    Relax, people, nobody claims the opposite 😉

  17. Beautiful family portrait, congratulations and enjoy!

  18. nuttychick

    so this is what children look like when beauty and the beast mate.

  19. angie

    I think your babies are absolutely beautiful.
    I have 3 handsome sons and one beautiful little granddaughter, who swaps from looking like her dad one day and her beautiful mum the next.
    All the best for your familes health and happiness and the memories they’ll bring for you to cherish forever

  20. Claudia

    Nicole – you should be ashamed of yourself, saying one of the babies is “scary”. Have u actually had a child? If you had you would feel more empathy towards someone else’s child. I think your comment is childish, so I suspect you are young. Please think before you make comments like that. No child is “scary”….

  21. Anonymous

    i love your shirt jamie lynn

  22. Joleen

    Jen, congrats! You look amazing and content.

    Babies are beautiful, enjoy every minute because they don’t stay babies for long, well, not for long enough!!

    Iam having my 3rd soon and loving every bit of it.

    Hope all goes well and good health to you all xo

  23. Anonymous

    emme looks like the father and max like the mother. they are beautiful!

  24. Peta

    In my opinion, most babies look scary before the 3 or 4 month mark. And I have seen my own baby pictures so I can honestly put myself in that category. I looked like Skeletor with an afro. XD

    Give the babies time to fill out and the same people calling them ugly now will be gushing like crazy about how adorable they look.

  25. Liz

    unfortunately they both look like their father

  26. Jenna

    I always thought it was pronounced: Emm
    I’d like that way better than Emmi

  27. "The Bailees"

    I think that they are gonna grow in to there looks no baby is cute wen born they are usually retaining water or red or peeeled skin i know ive had 5 and all look like my husband and me and are a blessing and are cuties by the time they turn 3 or 2 mths and my friends babys are all like that and all the babys ive seen are not born as cute as they will develope to be they are cute and I see emme alwasy is wide awake while little bro is sleeping i think she will be the star of the twins personally i know emme looks like jennifer because i preveiwed the website faith gave out ^ on top jennifer and emme are identicals as baby 1mth olds so thats jenny from the block #2 its true that is Jennifer minnie me max is cute but i cant tell cause of his eyes always closed he is a little one and lazy awwww congrats to Marc and Jennifer lopez : Emme Marible born first :Max David born last

  28. Genesis

    Baby Emme resembles dad in a way that is freaky.

  29. Victoria

    I’m sorry but very few babies look cute when they are only a few weeks old. Looking back she should have waited until they were a couple of months old and their features really started to become more distinct, because now we can see they look cute as buttons. In these pics they look, well Max slept throughout, but Emme was not wearing them eyes too well.

  30. the diva

    i think yur babys are so cute emme is so cuter i think she look like yu and max like his daddy but both emme and max are cute babys.

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