Jessica Alba’s Gift To Her Friends

The NY post reported Jessica gave all of her shower guests leather bracelets that read “life, love, health, et cetera” – you can see Jessica and her stunt double/friend Taryn Dakha have their braclets on as they leave the shower. She told everyone they had to wear their bracelets until the baby was born. Now, if you take notice, Jessica has hers on all the time.

WHO knew Jessica Alba was so superstitious? During the baby shower for the heavily pregnant “Fantastic Four” actress at Ever After Tea Shop in Studio City last week, guests were asked to don leather bracelets before saying a “life, love, health, et cetera” prayer, according to one spy. The guests, including Kim Kardashian and Rashida Jones, were then told they were not allowed to take off the bracelets until the baby was born. Alba and fiancé Cash Warren are said to be expecting a girl.

These are “new” old pictures from Jessica’s shower held at the Ever After Teahouse April 6. For more photos of the event, click here.

Source: NY Post

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. PtitePom

    So, is it that bracelet she’s wearing on that picture ? I really can’t wait to see that baby!!!

  2. anon

    that is not so much superstition as native american tradition…its done at blessingways and helps people send love and good wishes to the mom and baby everytime they look at their bracelet

  3. Lisa

    Yup – that’s the bracelet on their right hand. @anon, thanks for explaining that 😉

  4. Dea

    Ok, hopefully that’s just symbolic (wear it til the baby is born) because leather band does not bode well with shower water 😛 although the intention is wonderful.

  5. DropThePilot

    I just love Jessica’s curly hairdo! What did she do it with?

  6. Dea

    @ dropthepilot, she didnt do it, her STYLIST did it.

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