Ulrika Jonsson’s Growing Belly

Source : Daily Mail / Photo : WENN/Harlequin

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  • Linda

    haha xD, She looks “GREAT”.

    Im sorry but I really don’t like her..

  • Rinoa

    Whoa, hard to believe she has another month of growth. She’s already quite big!

  • Mia

    Child 4 with man 4..hmm..I hope Ulrika got the man right this time..she has a knack for choosing the wrong men and so always ends up alone and with a child..so far all kids have a diff father..She has garned a pretty bad rep of cheating with the biggest rat in enlgish football..the swedish Sven Goran Ericksson..I simply think she get easily duped by these guy..hope all works out this time..

  • Dea

    Wow, does that mean she collects child support from 3 different men? double wow!

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