Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer Expecting Baby #2 – Update

Update: Us Weekly has a source who says there’s no baby on the way. Still nothing from the reps.

In Touch reports that Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, are expecting their second child. According to their source, Jen is three months along, and the baby is due in early October.

“Jen and Tobey are over-the-moon happy,” a friend of the couple reveals. “Since they already have a daughter, they would love a little boy, but of course they would be just as thrilled with another daughter.” The insider says that Jen and Tobey always planned to have another child within two years of the birth of their daughter, Ruby, who is 17 months old. “Jen’s doing great,” her friend reveals. “She had an easy pregnancy last time around, so this time it should also be a breeze.”

They’re also supposedly having a home built in Brentwood, on a $10 million dollar lot.”They want at least three kids, so they’ll need a big house,” their friend says. “That’s why they’re building one now.”

Still, unconfirmed, but I wouldn’t doubt if it’s true – we’ll have to see what the reps say.

The picture is from over the weekend – for more photos from the set click here.

Source: In Touch

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  1. Megs

    other sites are saying that it is not true, was just a rumor

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