Cruz Beckham To Go To Jewish School ?

A source revealed: “There’s no plan for Cruz to be educated in the Jewish faith. “It’s just one of the best schools for young children in LA.”

David, whose Mom Sandra comes from a Jewish family, wrote in his first autobiography that he’s “probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion.” The LA Galaxy star even has the Hebrew phrase tattooed on his left forearm: “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine”.

“I used to wear the traditional Jewish skullcap when I was younger,” he writes, “and I also went along to some Jewish weddings with my grandfather.”

Source : Hello

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  • kayembe

    I don’t understand the newsworthiness of this one. If a celebrity kid was/is going to a “christian” school would it get a heading? All religious pre-schools accept children of any (or no) faith.

  • DropThePilot

    I can see no harm for the kid in this. David said it was only for Cruz’ sake, because of the quality education and I’m going to believe him.

  • bee

    my daughter went to a Jewish summer camp with her friends and loved it (we are Catholic). Makes no difference. I think it is so important to expose our kids to all religions. Real religions, anyway. I am happy they aren’t sending him to a Scientology school. Stay strong Posh & Becks!

  • nosoupforyou

    Why would anyone even think there could be “harm” in sending your kid to a Jewish pre-school??????? What if David wanted to send him for religious reasons? Apparently he has family members who are Jewish.

    We are Jewish and my son went to a Christian pre-school. It was wonderful with caring and loving staff. Both my son and I loved it!

  • binary

    I agree this is sort of a non-issue, from religion to religion, with regard to a fundamental belief of an all powerful, care taking God.
    However, I was sent to Christian school, Christian vacation bible school every summer, Wednesday youth group and of course Sunday school/church. It took me until I was 28 to deprogram myself from all of that. Now, at nearly 33 I am a happy and peaceful agnostic. I can say with absolute resolve I will NEVER let any of the religions “get my (future) children.” Going to different worship services as a two or three month long field trip experience, yes fantastic. And when they are old enough to have an opinion (5-10 ish) I will let them make that choice for themselves. They can go to mandir with their Hindu grandparents, or temple with their jewish grandma, or Christian church with their grandfather. There’s also a Buddhist temple here. They have to be exposed to options to make an informed choice.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, this just something I feel very strongly about. btw, I’ve been a steady lurker on this for a while now. I’ve just not had much to say.

  • PtitePom

    Guys, I’m not the one making headlines, newspapers are. Our job is to report celeb babies/kids realted news. So here you are. No one at Celebrity Baby Scoop said it was right or wrong. We’re just giving you info, period. 🙂

  • Marc Lara

    All places of workship of all religions are part of our neighborhoods and cities.We all should be going and visit them. No matter what religion you are, our freedom allows to do so. We are always welcome inside any one of them, if we decide to go and enter. The experience is always a positive one. Once you leave; you realize more than any other time that humanity is an ocean of faith, hope and understanding among all human beings.

    To train you and yours to visit; we must start saying “hello” “Good morning” or “how are you” to our neighboors….no matter their color of skin or looks….Once you do that; the flood gate of Brotherhood among all of us stars and leaves us with the scent of love and unity…Please do so…!

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