Lourdes Wishes Her Mom Would Wear ‘Normal Clothes’

It’s funny to think that Maddona’s 11-year old daughter Lourdes gets embarrassed by what her mom wears, but she does. My kids are still too young for that, but I’m sure they’ll feel the same way in a few years. Maddona recently said,

“I’m happy to muck around in a pair of a drawstring pants and wellies but my daughter gets angry because I go to school wearing my tracksuit. She says, ‘Can’t you just wear normal clothes?’ “I think she wants me to be a yummy mummy but that’s not me. Guy will sometimes laugh at what I wear, too.”

Lourdes is pictured visiting Madonna’s gym quickly with a friend. Wow, she’s such a mini-me of Madonna!

Source: Herald Sun

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  • lindsay

    does it drive anyone else crazy that madonna thinks she’s british? “muck around”? “wellies”? isn’t she from detroit? annoying.

  • Johnny Chicago

    Goddam if that little creature isn’t getting uglier by the second –

    She’s venturing into Rumer Willis country, that’s for sure…


  • Johnny Chicago

    Comment removed by PtitePom – NOT necessary !

  • Ashley

    I would’ve thought Lourdes wishes for an eyebrow waxing! Look at that-GEEEEEZ!!!

    And I agree w/ lindsay-Madonna is most certainly NOT British & she’s such a faker trying to talk like that, she sounds ridiculous. ‘yummy mummy’ HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    is her mother broke? man than take her to the dog pound to have that thing across her eyes shaved off.

  • tiphanie

    hey guys she’s only 11 years old!!leave her alone…

  • lilkunta

    What is a welly ?

    I wonder if Lourdes is teased about her unibrow?

  • eww


    this grs retarted nd deformd unibrow

  • suzanne

    Are you all kidding, she’s absolutely beautiful. I’m glad at her age she is not plucking and shaving. She will have a lifetime of that when she’s old enough.

  • Bee

    I think Lourdes is beautiful, she is her Mommys “Minnie Me”. And for goodness sake she is only a child, leave her alone.

  • ????

    ?????? – ????????!!!!

  • Jack

    I think she’s beautiful. And I get embarrassed at what Maddonna wears in her videos but I guess that’s her call. A welly is a wellington boot! As in, footwear for inclement weather. lol. I have no idea what the Americans call them?! Don’t you have welly chucking competitions as kids? sadness if not!

  • Sooz

    I do believe they are similar to our rubbers….which aren’t condoms but galoshes. Rubbers, Galoshes, Wellies…all the same.

    I think Lourdes is adorable…she’s only 11. Let’s be thankful she’s not another JonBenet–I think Madge has actually done right by her kids…her accent, that’s another story 🙂

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