Marcia Cross & Twins @ The Park

Marcia Cross plays with and feeds her adorable twin daughters, Eden and Savannah in a park in Brentwood. Those little girls always make me smile, they seem so happy and healthy!

Source : Flynet

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  1. Vale

    I like very much watching Marcia with twins! They’re so normal ad happy!

  2. ivy

    she always looks like shes so afraid of sunlight…i know shes light skinned but come on. that’s gotta be uncomfortable once it gets hot out.

  3. Linda

    Which one is Savannah and wich one is Eden? They are not identical,But both of them are very beautiful and sweet 🙂

    Edit – Eden is in the pink shirt & Savannah is in purple, Lisa 😉

  4. nicole

    eden looks like marcia and savannah looks like tom!! both lovely. marcia cross is lovely as well.

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