Is Liz Hurley Pregnant?

Rumor has it Liz Hurley may be expecting. Apparently Liz’s longtime friend Elton John ran up to her at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Pink Party on April 8, and rubbed her belly while raising his eyebrows. A source tells Life & Style Weekly,

“Elton kissed and hugged Elizabeth and congratulated Arun. They seemed to be giggling over their little secret.”

Liz wore a pink sari and according to an insider didn’t drink alcohol – which adds fuel to the fire.

“She carried her clutch in front of her belly, but you could still see a little bump.”

Hurley, 42, has a has 6-year-old son Damian with Steve Bing.

Source: Life & Style Weekly

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  • Jess

    It seems possible if not likely. She’s been married for over a year now and she’s not much for the “new pregnancy rumor every week” train. What I find funny is that this was posted exactly one year after the last Liz Hurley post.

  • gia

    she looks pregnant to me, her face looks a little different & she is usually thinner than that. i have heard she is quite fussy about her body.

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