Jamie & Casey Busy Shopping

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears and fiance Casey Aldridge (not pictured) do some shopping in Mississippi over the weekend.

Rumor has it, the couple have also been busy shopping for a house, and recently made a $300,000 offer on a 3-bedroom home in the town of Liberty.

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Photo: INF

Thanks Holly!

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  • All I can do is wish them well. Hopefully it will all work out

  • Holly

    You are welcome for the tip. I try to keep my eyes open as much as possible.

  • Jessica

    she looks really beautiful! despite her youth, I think pregnancy looks good on her.

  • jennzz

    I agree she does looks beautiful, and regardless of her age, I feel she has handled this whole pregnancy with grace and I can’t understand why so many make fun of her. This girl had a great career upcoming for her and she did the most mature thing possible when she found out she was pregnant and have this baby, most young women her age in that situation with such a bright future would have got an abortion. I will always have the most respect for this young lady. As a teen I knew of many many girls that had the abortion, they lost all respect from me and most everyone else in the school, they were referred to as sl*ts and such, but the girls that had there babies were respected for giving themselves for their children.
    I wish this girl, Jamie Lynn Spears nothing but luck and I’m very glad she decided to skip the abortion and have her baby.

  • Poor baby

    There is absolutely no excuse for unplanned pregnancy in this day. There are far too many inexpensive birth control options. I’m tired of hearing about how pregnant teens simply made a “mistake.” This is not a mistake. They are either too stupid to use protection or just don’t care if they get pregnant.

  • mildred

    I agree “poor baby”- these “surprise” pregnancies are a crock of nonsense. Educated people know how pregnancy occurs. 14 days after the first day of your period, is when its the optimum time for conception. Condoms break and if you dont take the birth control pill regularly, it can fail to protect you. If people are too stupid to know how babies can be made, then they have no business having sex if a baby is not wanted. Especially at the age of 16/17.

  • Anonymous

    300,000 for a 3 bedroom?! damn i gotta get me a house in some backwoods town. 300,000 doesn’t even get you a studio in NYC

  • mynameisstolen

    300K would buy a mansion in Louisiana. Each bedroom is probably the size of my entire house (1K sq ft.) here in the other LA.

  • Kristy

    I find it insulting that you are so quick to say that “mistakes” dont happen, I have known people who got pregnant while taking different kinds of birth control religiously, some people do not respond correctly to birth control and dont even know it until they end up pregnant. No birth control is 100% effective except abstenence. So before you are quick to think every single “mistake” was conceived out of “stupidity” and what not, do the research on birth controls. Its quite ridiculous how people are so quick to pass their judgement and make snide and rude comments about SOMEONE ELSES life. It’s not your life, why do you need to be so negatively vocal??

    As for Jamie, she’s taking responsibility for her actions and she has the means of supporting a child. So more power to her, I hope all the negativity rolls right off her.

  • Kendra

    Kristy has a great point that no one has mentioned before. Jamie Lynn was a star on Disney. She made more money there than probably anyone posting has made thus far in their lifetimes. So, she was valiant for not killing her child, she’s making an obvious effort to be a good mom, and she has the finances to fund her life for a long time. Just think of how many teen moms can do that. How many teen or even adult parents could fully support themselves the way she can? Remember that while she is still young, she does have the knowledge and the power to take care of herself and her baby. (In fact, Casey is probably better off, too! lol)

  • filthy cute

    Is Jenzzzz George Bush on a Mac? Shut up.


    Jennzz, Kristi, and Kendra, I admire your responses to this item. More people should post with graciousness and intelligence.

    It is not unsual for a Christian girl to have sexual intercourse before marriage, get pregnant, and chose to have a baby instead of an abortion. That takes great courage; and all human beings have flaws but draw the line somewhere.

    I know that some women and adolescents deliberately get pregnant for one reason or another ( loneliness, an attempt to draw a lover or husband closer, an excuse to drop out of graduate school) and call it an accident. This might explain Jamie Lynn Spears; perhaps she wanted to escape Mama Stage Mother, Hollywood, an unstable older sister, and who knows what.

    She seems fairly resiliant; isn’t it unkind and neglectful of her parents to leave her alone, in another state, pregnant or not? Anything can go wrong with a first pregnancy.

    I wish her well even though I have never been a fan of that family. Motherhood brings out the best in some people and she may be one of them.


    something else just occurred to me-birth control methods can be quite difficult for some. a woman allergic to latex not only cannot use most condoms, she can go into anaphylatic shock if intubated with a latex airway after an accident or during surgery. ( my own mother nearly died during surgery for that reason.) any contraceptive based on hormones can fail, or cause side effets ranging from unpleasant to fatal.

    the only foolproof forms of birth control are abstinence and sterilaztion. is that an educated viewpoint?

  • Naiomi

    I dont know if thats true but i wish them the best hey theres no excuse for what she did its the total truth but hey she won’t suffer probably her career but she can hire nannys and not ever worry about her daughter sorry if its mean thats my oppinion i dont go around judging yours please dont make a rude comment cause i wouldnt do aNY of that to anybody

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