Eyes For Daddy!

Nicole, Joel and Harlow, 3-months , were spotted at the airport together. Harlow is adorable, it looks like she can’t take her eyes off her daddy.

At a concert Wednesday night at Queen’s College in New York, Joel shared his love for Harlow with the crowd,

“You know, no matter how many beautiful girls there are in this audience, I must confess that three months ago, I had a little baby girl, and she’s my one and only true love.”

Awww…too cute!!

Source: People

Photos: JJB

Thanks Anna!

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  1. PtitePom

    How cuuuuuuute!!! Nicole looks tired though!

  2. Dea

    That’s the cutest pic ever. Obviously Nicole looks tired, hey as mommas of a newborn dont we all?

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