Suri’s $100,000 Birthday Party

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went all out for Suri’s second birthday, spending a reported $100,000 on the festivities.

In Touch reports the afternoon party, filled with over $17,000 worth of flowers was held at a home in the Hollywood Hills. The theme of the party was butterflies, a favorite of the birthday girl. Guests included Tom’s mom, Mary Lee South, and Isabella, 15, and Connor Cruise, 13. An insider says,

“Suri adores butterflies. Absolutely no expense was spared to make Suri’s birthday the best day of her life.” [Who Attended] “It was immediate family and their closest friends only. There were no celebrities invited to the daytime bash.”

There was the $5,000 cake we told you about from LA’s Sweet Lady Jane bakery, plus each guest received a personalized cake. In addition, $230 worth of cupcakes from LA bakery Sprinkles were on hand, a favorite of Katie. The source added,

“All of the cakes were Italian-wedding flavoured, but specifically made without the usual rum. Obviously, they wanted them non-alcoholic since Suri is only two.”

Later that night, Tom and Katie invited some of their friends – including David and Victoria Beckham, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Eva Longoria Parker and and Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to a $45,000 catered dinner party by Wolfgang Puck.

“It was a great party,” says an attendee. “Suri was in a really great mood and loved having all the balloons around.” Certainly, when it comes to celebrating his little girl’s big day, money is no object for Tom Cruise!

Who knows if it added up to 100k, but I’m sure it came pretty close. I was hesitant to put the photos up since they were taken by helicopter, but I’m sure most of you have seen them already since they’re all over the internet .

Source: In Touch

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  • Dea

    Gee, with all that $100,000 spent I am sure Suri will remember how memorable her 2ND BIRTHDAY was when she grows up! *rolling eyes*

  • I think that over spending on birthdays is okay to an extent,but we all need to put more effort into the time we spend with them,and how they will remember being with us on the special days.Not how much the cake costs.


    Can you imagine how many hungry children could have been fed with 100,000.00!!!! Amazing that so much money is waited in a party that the child will not even remember attending!!!!

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