Ashlee Avoids Pregnancy Question

Ashlee Simpson continues to dance around pregnancy questions. The singer taped a segment for the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday to air Thursday. During the interview, Ellen point blank said:

“I can’t let you sit here and not ask you the question,” began Ellen, before daring to ask, “Are you or are you not pregnant?” [Ashlee replied ]”That is definitely something that I choose personally not to discuss except for the fact that maybe… do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something? Because I don’t think I do!”

Ellen and Ashlee went on to ‘pinky swear’ that she wouldn’t wait as long as Jennifer Lopez to announce the news.

“I promise you that,” laughed Ashlee. “I give you my pinky on that.”

It’s one thing to keep things private, but this has publicity written all over it.

Source: OK!

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  • lila

    Yes, this is all getting quite annoying. You can tell she’s not saying one way or the other simply because she wants the publicity. Ugh gross!

  • Me

    She’s obviously not very far along – give her a break – she probably doesn’t want to announce til she’s out of her first trimester to make sure everything is ok. It’s not her fault the tabloids started speculating so early.

  • ivy

    i dont think she has to tell us if she is or isnt. but if she is i dont like how pete wentz came right out and lied about it, he could of just not said anything.

  • Dea

    She obviously try to hype her album selling by using the “pregnancy scheme”. Unlike Jamie Lynn who attracted huge amount of coverage, it kind of doesnt work for her. Papa Joe might need to call the tabloids for baby pimping shoot.

  • jodie

    This girl rubs me the wrong way.. I keep trying to give her another chance but she always manages to do something else to make me hate her even more, from SNL, to SuperBowl, to her drunken “kiss my feet” debacle in McDonalds… and now she wants to prove to the world that they didn’t just get engaged for the mere fact that she got knocked up. I give them 2 years tops. She ruined FallOut boy for me… and for many more I’m sure

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