Helena & Mingus Stop @ Elixir Juice Bar

Source : Bauer-Griffin

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  1. leah

    I used to go to the same shcool as Mingus!

    It’s St Lukes’ just about 2 blocks away from Elixir!!
    as well!

    Kate Winslet’s little girl Mia goes there as well!!!

  2. christie

    he looks like his dad norman reedus!

  3. Dea

    Ok, maybe it’s me but that is a very odd/unusual name, Mingus Reedus? that sounds like some type of allergy reaction to me. Let’s hope the kids in school dont make fun of him.

  4. gavmit

    this is nice to see (for me) I am 5’11” and have twin sons that already come up to my belly button! I see where I am headed with them…

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