John Moynahan’s Spring Stroll

John Edward Thomas Moynahan, 8 months, goes for a little stroll around his neighborhood with a nanny, while his mom visits with a friend. Dad is Bridget’s ex boyfriend, NFL quaterback – Tom Brady.

Photos: Flynet

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Not Cool

This baby is adorbale, but considering how incredibly hot his Daddy is it’s no surprise.

What is Bridget bored with the baby already??? I guess she realizes her 15 minutes are up. Boy is she going to be pissed that she missed this pap moment. Oh her nanny is going to get it from Bitchet!


Bridget can’t you take John with you, I don’t think I could ever part with that beautiful baby. He will only be little for a short time, it goes fast. And Tom Brady is a waste, why isn’t he pushing that carriage, you will be sorry Tom….

sports fan
Happy birthday Bridget Moynahan. Brady’s handfull of ridiculously obsessive groupies and his PR team have really given you a rough year, if you are to be bothered with them and their nonsense. You’ve proven your character and dignity this year. Brady may be cool headed on the football field, but you are the epitomy of grace under pressure in real life. Your son is lucky to have such a strong parent. Congratulations on surviving this first year, most parents find that it gets tougher going with time, but it has to be all down hill from here for you. Hoping… Read more »

I agree with a poster who said it’s all about a healthy balance. Just because she wasnt there when this pic was taken doesnt mean she neglected her child. Hey, once in a while my girfriends and I have a girls’ day out (massage/manicure/lunch, whatever) to keep our sanity. The result, I look forward to seeing my son when I get home which is great! just my 2 cents


I hope Bridget had a wonderful birthday weekend! I am glad she has her friends around her.

John looks like a beautiful, healthy well loved baby boy.


It’s Bridget’s birthday weekend – and she’s probably got people at her house. There’s nothing wrong with a Nanny walking the child to be away from the crowd to relax. Bridget is a great Mom, John is her priority unlike the father who chooses to go back East rather than spend more time with his son.

Happy Birthday Bridget! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Pretty baby ..looks huge for his age!! but then mother is tall and beautiful so no suprise there

Since no one other than north american actually watches american football, you should realise that tom brady is not as widely known as MOynhan..he is currently knowm in the non-american press simply as Gisselle’s replacement for Leo.. Get a grip and find better men to give your adoration hardly know tom brady and his media exposure recently has bene more on the negative side, so how the heck do you conclude he is a some kind of super human.,.ahhahah I guess he should pay his PR more for keeping his fans believing.,.. Get a grip , think and behave… Read more »
Bridget is a single mother who has to earn money therefore has to resume her career..I will never understand why folks will criticize someone who has chosen to go through child birth and rear this wonderful child. It one of the bravest things a woman can do and I applaud her for her approach to life in general… Do you have any idea how many nannies sharon stone or the beckham household employ..ONE PER CHILD..if you are the kind of mother that wants to spend 24/7 hearing your kid babble on, then great, some people like to have a healthy… Read more »

Just goes to show you who the REAL star of this family is….it is John, the Tom Brady baby and son! Doesn’t really matter who is pushing that carriage, it’s about the baby, never was about Bridget, she is a nobody before Tom, during Tom and after Tom. Tom on the other hand is a Rock Star!


i am absolutely a fan of bridget’s! she was gorgeous pregnant and post-pregnancy. theres nothing wrong with her nanny taking the baby for a walk. everyone has a babysitter and it actually is good for the nanny to actually do something with the child instead of just leaving him infront of the television, so GO NANNY! maybe if little JET had his father around bridget could not have a nanny and instead have his father take him here and there. just a suggestion.