Leah Remini Tries To Wean Her 3 1/2 Year Old From The Bottle (Update)

Update: There was such a strong response to this post, that I wanted to give everyone an update (thanks Ann) on how Sofia is doing. As it turns out, while Leah and Angelo went to NYC to tape the RR show, grandma was able to wean Sofia from the bottle, and now she is eating real food. Here’s an excerpt from Leah’s blog:

Thank you all for your messages of encouragement, love and most of all~your help!!! this is the reason i wanted to this, because now I have connection to other moms/dads who go through in some way what I am going through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to tell you guys though, that Sofia is OFF the bottle. and I NOW see why this was so important to do!!! She eats.. FOOD! REAL FOOD YOU GUYS!!!! she says ‘I want to eat Mommy”…. I never could have imagined this life. we have donated the “Babbas” and she is doing so well. she is sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! you see we did this show last month. And because we were going to NYC, my mom decided she was going to try it! and it worked! Just last night, Sofia said “Mommy, please get the bottles back from the babies you gave them to” and I told her that, that wouldnt be right to do to those little babies. she agreed. it was tough when we got back home from NYC, but when i saw Sofia didnt die…:) it made it so much easier. I was wrong… you all were right… it has changed her life for the better….

Thanks again so much for the love…so needed and so appreciated.

Apr 23

To read how they weaned Sofia from the bottle – read Leah’s post “How We Did It Finally

I happened to catch this episode of Rachel Ray by accident this morning, and couldn’t stop watching. King of Queens star, Leah Remini was on, and she let Rachel Ray’s cameras inside her home as she tried to wean her 3 1/2 year old daughter Sofia from the bottle.

Sofia co-sleeps with Leah and her husband Angelo, and has six bottles of water through the course of the night. As you can imagine, no one is getting any sleep, and since she’s drinking so much water, they’re changing diapers at night too. Leah realized that the bottle situation was unhealthy – but she gave in because she didn’t want to hear Sofia cry.

The Rachel Ray Show sent a parenting expert to Remini’s home, as well as a viewer who experienced the same problem. They both gave Leah and Angelo advice – but in the end, Leah just couldn’t do it,

“The viewer was sympathetic to the real issue, which was that I did want Sofia off the bottle, but I didn’t want to hear my daughter cry,” Remini said. “She had very helpful tips that worked with my philosophy of not just ripping the bottle from her hands, which as a parent I was not willing to do.”

Leah hopes that if she puts her story out there, she might be able to help other parents.

“The general public can relate to my ability to be honest about where I might not be that great [as a parent],” said Remini. “I have always loved the connection that I have with the people who get me. I also pride myself on telling the truth, and if I helped another person with this issue, then I did well.”

Did anyone out there catch the show? If so what were your thoughts? Has anyone else had a hard time weaning their 3-year old from the bottle?

Source: Rachel Ray / NY Daily News

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  • nicolette

    wow leah is an IDIOT

  • nosoupforyou

    So, I assume that her daughter will graduate from high school with a nipple in her mouth and there won’t be any other children because she’s still sleeping with mom and dad.

  • Gena

    Haaaaaaaaa! is all I can say…

  • Lora in Kentucky

    Notonly and I disturbed that a 3 year old is sleeping wiht her parents and still sucking on a bottle, but what about the diapers. Can she not pooty train a 3 year old? That’s a little neglectful in my opinion.

  • lila

    3 and 1/2 and still in diapers??

    I agree Lora, something’s wrong there. I mean maybe if she was 2 or 2 1/2 but she’s way too old. Definetly neglectful.

  • Mia

    I’m proud to say that my daughter was off the bottle by the time she turned one. She was very willing to learn how to use a sippy cup like a big girl. As for the sleeping in the bed with me…well it happened once and mostly likely never again lol.

  • Brandy

    Does anyone else see how this over indulgence thing is going to work out in about 12 years? If her mom can’t say no now, when will the child learn boundries and limits? Is mom going to be able to say no to boyfriends sleeping over, smoking a bit of weed, having a drink or two? I just see this as a nasty downward spiral as the poor little girl gets older.

  • AC

    That is pretty sad. My parents let me cry… and cry… and cry. If it bothered them they didn’t let on. But I didn’t have a problem letting go of babydom i guess…

  • k

    She looks a little heavy for 3 1/2 also

  • bluebear

    Six bottles a night, is this child diabetic? I would consult with a physician. My daughter was potty trained and long off the bottle by this age.

  • maya

    There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping. There are many places in the world where families have no other choice.

    I would be concerned if she couldn’t say no to her daughter about anything because she didn’t want to hurt Sofia’s feelings – that’s asking for trouble. You need to be able to set boundaries with your children. But other than that, if she’s not willing to make her cry, at least a little bit, her only choice is to wait it out.

  • Tracy

    I’ll tell you how this is going to go-my friend’s 8 yr old daughter still sleeps with her as does the 5 year old. The 8 yr. old just gave up the bottle at about 6 1/2 and the 5 yr. old still takes it. They are horrifying little brats that no one wants to be around. They get everything they want and if they don’t, watch out! Don’t even ask about their diets. You would be appalled.
    Its only going to get worse and worse thru the years. But its like an ongoing experiment-I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Tracy

    oh and she hasn’t slept with her husband in about 8 years! (and I mean sleeping and not sleeping!)

  • jae

    I don’t think you can say it’s horrible that a 3 1/2 year old isn’t potty trained. Potty training is largely a developmental issue and unless you’ve found a way to speed up brain development, it’s unfair to pass judgment in that regard. Besides, that issue will not be resolved until the bottle/fluids at night thing is addressed.

  • leah

    My neice was potty trained by 3 but still has a warmed bottle at the age of 4 and so does her sister whos 2.5
    I try to tell my sister to stop but she thinks if the girls want “comfort” then its fine??? i think not!

    kids should be off the bottle and potty trained by 2 just how my OTHER sister did!!

    i’m a nanny so i see this issue all the time. i thinks its ok to give in occasionally but not like this! a child needs their boundaries and structure

    As for the sleep issue, again, my neice was 3 and a half til her room was done but still sleeps in the same bed as her mum and her dad puts her to bed when he comes in in the morning
    but again she has no routine and is a BRAT!!


  • lila

    I don’t think it’s a developmental issue, I think it’s a clear cut issue of Sofia’s parents not wanting to displease her. They’re just letting her do what she wants so there’s no conflict.

  • that is the weirdest thing ever. 6 bottles of water at night? How can anyone (much less a child) consume that much water at night? I agree, take the kid to a doctor…maybe she is crying for other reasons!

  • HS

    uH, YEAH….
    TO Jae~
    Potty training is NOT a developmental issue in the way you describe. Our pediatrician says there is NO PHYSICAL REASON that a normal, healthy child (boy or girl) by the age of 2 should not be able to control their bladder.

    BOTH of my children (girl and boy) were trained in a week at age 2. There are no issues now (they are 11 and almost 4) and my son was actually EASIER to train than my daughter.

    I call poppycock on all those who are giving their little angels the lead on potty training.

    And boo to the scientologists who let their children run amuck with out any boundaries or rules.

    I won’t even go into the environmental impact all the unecessary diapers she’s using are causing. I’d bet they aren’t cloth diapers…

    Just my 2 cents.

  • anonymous

    I agree with most posters here. Sofia is a little old for a bottle I think (not to mention an awful lot of bottles at night)… and to be still sleeping in her parents bed? No wonder no one is getting any sleep. Someone mentioned some families have to sleep in the same bed…certainly Leah and her hubby have enough bucks to get their child a bed of her own. I think this is indulgence pure and simple. I’m wondering about Suri Cruise as well…Tom and Katie have both said they don’t like to upset her as it isn’t Scientology’s way.Children need boundaries set and already by 3 they pretty much can figure out how to manipulate a parent if there are no guidelines.Leah needs to start weaning Sofia off that bottle by giving her a sippy cup or a cup with a straw.

  • Dianne

    That kid looks pregnant – her belly is all distended (from a heroic intake of liquids I’m sure)

    The previous mention of ‘boundaries’ is right on the money.

    The mother is sooooo unwilling to be the mother, it won’t be long until the kid calls all the shots.

    I would never be able to relate to someone like that. What a disaster!!!

  • Melanie

    I saw this too. I couldn’t believe it. It brought tears to my eyes, but on the other hand I was like WTF. That is a very nasty habit. I am sure there are people in her family that could of helped her. That makes her really spoiled.

  • Lizzy

    Wow. Judgmental much? Like any of you are perfect parents. I know I’m not. There are no clear cut issues when it comes to child raising. I’m sure if any of you were featured on a television show like Leah was, people would find plenty wrong with what you are doing too.

  • Peg

    I don’t believe Leah is giving Sophia the bottle because she wants it….I believe she is giving it to her because Leah wants her to have it. If you want a baby, Leah, have another one! Let Sophia grow up!

  • AJ

    Lizzy, Leah WANTS help and wants her story known to help other parents. She herself KNOWS what she is doing is UNHEALTHY. How is everyone agreeing with her being “judgmental?” You’re right, no one is perfect, but it’s apparently common knowledge that giving into a child’s every demand is a path to disaster. I hope Leah can find the strength to do what’s right, rather than what’s easy.

  • Lily

    Hold on, Leah Remini is a Scientlogist, right? Isn’t it part of that ‘religion’ to let your kids do as they please? I remember reading that in an article with Tom and Katie.

  • Andrea

    I agree with the poster that was concerned about Sofia’s extended belly. I didn’t see the show, but I saw the still shot at the top of the page and the belly was the first thing I noticed. It definitely looks more “distended” than “fat”. I would be most concerned as a parent about the amount of water that my child was consuming. It’s not healthy to drink that much water in such a relatively short period of time. My first step would be to have medical tests, specifically for juvenile diabetes. I definitely don’t want to be judgemental, but I think Leah and her family need serious help. Everyone has parenting challenges, but when does it cross the line between being doting parents and being harmful? I feel that if parents want to do the co-sleeping thing and it truely does not bother them, then let them. That’s their choice…everybody has limits as to what they can take. I personally just like the alone time with my husband that we have at night and ultimately feel like our strong relationship is better for the child in the long run. HOWEVER, the bottles of water, the bottle throughout the day, the not wanting to hear the baby cry, and the giving in to every whim of the child is not psychologically healthy. Unfortunately, Leah will have a child more damaged and hurt in the future because she didn’t provide structure and a basic understanding of consequences. She thinks she’s being the most giving parent in the world, but in reality she’s being completely selfish. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and see this kind of behavior everyday in both children with medical diagnoses and in children who are diagnosed with a disorder, but in reality just have parents who don’t “get it”. Leah NEEDS to listen to medical and behavioral professionals if she REALLY wants to help her daughter.

  • katie

    wow! there are soooo many perfect mothers here!
    I am amazed at how wonderful you all are for toilet training your young children and weaning them from bottles.

    shame on you for criticizing her willingness to be open to the public about her faults as a parent.

  • Gena

    I believe Leah is a Scientologist.

  • Lizzy

    She is being open about it . . . which means she knows it’s a problem and doesn’t need you perfect parents out there reminding her. She has said she needs to work on a couple of things and you guys are sitting here saying “you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck.” wow. I doubt she wanted advice that way.

    And did it ever occur to anyone that she may have a pillow behind her back that is arching her spine and pushing her stomach out? nope. you automatically jump to her being fat or unhealthy. Good job people.

  • elizabeth bou

    I find it ironic that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes little girl is over 2 and still totes a bottle everywhere. Is this a Scientologist thing, you have to wonder.

    To those who have an issue with those parents who feel that these parents are being neglectful….please watch the tape of that show over again, and then report back if you feel the same way. It is not a case of when did you potty train/when did that person take away the bottle. Pediatricians have a job for a reason. They know what is best for the child. To watch Leah Remini act so surprised that most babies are off the bottle at 1 is outrageous. This is in every book out there, and all ped’s recommend this. I was not fooled. She is doing what she wants, not what is best for this child.

    No, no one way of parenting is the best way. But basic needs of the child must be met, and these parents have been given the information they need, they are simply choosing not to follow it. To me, that is a form of child abuse.

    To the poster who is miffed that no one is sympathetic to these parents talking about “their issue”, again please watch the show again. This is not a common issue. Our role as parents is to provide boundaries.

    Not saying no breeds a sense of entitlement and we all know how far that has gotten Paris Hilton…..

  • Mickey

    She’s not 3 1/2. She’ll be 4 next month.

    I don’t want to be judgmental either, but Leah needs to get on the stick. Yikes!

  • ExPat

    The child is nearly four and is being treated like a baby. Can’t be good for her development. There are so many issues here! The bottle, the co-sleeping at that age, the diapers …
    Way to go mom and dad!

  • elizabeth bou

    come on now, lets not forget the high chair, what was that all about?

  • Suz

    Six bottles of water through the night? This child needs to be checked for DIABETES INSIPIDUS – ASAP.

  • Michelle

    Having to deal with parents like the majority of posters here was the hardest thing when we were going through the process of diagnosing my child’s special needs. Everyone is so quick to judge without having all the facts. Do you really think a child would drink 8 bottles a night if there was no physiological reason for it? Oh she’s so spoiled….she’s sucked her parents into providing her with non-stop water all night (sarcasm). Perhaps she’s just so thirsty (diabetes-related?) that it’s unbearable ….so she’d obviously be crying in order to communicate her (severe) discomfort. So the perfect mothers out there who have lucked out with a “perfect” child are far superior to mothers like Leah, right? They’re the ones who will stand up to this child who feels like she’s dying of thirst and deprive her of this comfort so that she won’t be spoiled….yeah, right. That’s great parenting. During what other times of trouble will you ignore your child’s pleas? When your child is crying out to you when they’re distressed and you won’t respond, you think that’s actually superior parenting? Nice. If I’m ever in distress, I’ll be sure to phone you for support. I’m not saying Leah’s doing everything right, nor am I saying that there aren’t parents who are being less than optimal ones….but guess what, sometimes you don’t have all the facts and judging people adds to the burdens that these people may be carrying (burdens maybe out of their control and which affect their ability to do things the ‘normal’ way). Setting boundaries is important, there’s no doubt about that; however, our children are all different and they develop at different rates. I think there are very few college students still sleeping with mommy and daddy or drinking from a bottle. Potty training your child at 3 months and weaning them from a bottle at 5 months is no big deal….(I’ve yet to see those statistics on a resume)….yet many moms judge their success (and the ‘greatness’ of their children) by this type of standard and are, oh, SO proud of these ‘accomplishments.’ haha Leah’s situation might not be at all about the ability to say ‘no’ and all about diagnosing whatever it is that is causing the baby to be so uncomfortable at night (severe thirst, etc.) Stop being so mean!!!! ps I only breast-fed my children and they went straight to drinking from cups…on the superiority scale, do I “win” as a parent….or do I move onto the breast-feeding superiority scale which is measured by how long I breast-fed? 😛 Let’s support each other…..all these stats don’t really mean anything!!!! Most of us are doing the best we can with what we have and could sure use the support!

  • lauran

    geez…..get over it.
    note to celebrity baby scoop…please make it so the comments can only be 100 words or less…i fell asleep twice during that one.

  • Michelle

    lauran, you could always SKIP that post if it’s too boring for you….it’s not required reading 😛

  • Lizzy

    Michelle, I completely agree with you. Judging her is only going to add to her problems. She knows there is a problem. Let her deal with it in peace. And Lauran, who are you to tell people how long to make comments? Just because you don’t want to read them doesn’t mean other people don’t. I found Michelle’s post informative.

  • Devin

    I love all of the parenting experts here. I hope they raise perfect children that adhere to developmental time tables.

  • Mia

    What with the stand for Lean crap..she has her philosophy of bringing up her chils bases in psycho cult babble and therefore she will not wean her child??? thats just plain STUPID to me

    Suri still sucks on a bottle and she is going on 3…

    Its an opnoin blog ppl can criticize any mother they wish and I gues s you also have the right to babble but not to dump on others or criticize them for speaking thier mind

    She is just another dumb celeb , I have never seen hiedis kids with bottles and they are even younger..Leah needs to get her shitlogy head out of her ar-se-

  • Lizzy

    If she is just another dumb celeb, then why do you care so much? If you have a right to criticize Leah, then we have the right to criticize you. You are criticizing us for criticizing you . . . wow. good job. you win.

    read the constitution. we can write what we want too. we aren’t being rude about it, just pointing out that parenting is one of the few things that cannot fairly be criticized because it is one of the few things that NO ONE can do perfectly because no one really knows how to parent “correctly” no matter what you think. Even if your child turns out great it doesn’t mean you parented correctly. There is no correct way.

    Leah is someone trying to do her best and she acknowledges that she has some issues she needs to work out.

  • pngwn

    While I agree that we shouldn’t cast stones, pretending that we are all perfect parents with perfect children, I also agree on some of the points raised.

    I just finished reading an interview in US magazine (I know, pretty much a trash magazine, but still) with Leah and her husband on this very subject and about the show. Lets just say WOW!!!

    Leah comments several times in there that she can’t stand to have her cry and be upset, so if she wants a popsicle for breakfast, so be it. She only drinks 6 bottles of water at night, because they won’t give her milk. I don’t think it is a matter of thirst here, but more a matter of “who’s the boss!” Sophia has mommy and daddy completely wrapped around her finger in a neat and tidy bow!

    Leah comments on pediatricians telling her that babies should be off the bottle by 1, but “she thought they were wrong!” All righty then! She also talks about Sophia wetting the bed, presumabley when they don’t changer her diaper in the middle of the night. She mentions throwing thick towels under her to catch the leaks.

    Sophia may have a problem, such as diabetes, and if she does, then I’m truly sorry. But from the way the article reads, it’s not Sophia who has the problem.

    As for the co-sleeping, while I don’t really like it, it happens. I was very adament about my son NOT sleeping with us. And, when he was a few weeks old, I did just like Leah did and out of sheer exhaustion I laid down with him and fell asleep. He would start in his cradle, and if he woke up in the middle of the night, then he would usually sleep with us. Lucky for me, by the time he was about 8 months old, HE couldn’t stand it anymore, and refused to sleep with us. He is very hot natured, and would get so hot with me keeping a death grip on him that if eventually drove him into his crib.

    So, I understand what started her sleeping with her parents, and if I had to choose a battle with that one, it would certainly be the bottle, which would also get rid of the diapers more than likely.

  • Devin

    They sit in there homes and use thier experience and the expereince of others to make uninformed decisions about where children should be at each and every age. It doesn’t work like that. Yes, Leah’s situation is unfortunate but there is no way that you can say emphatically that she is ruining her child.

  • aquarius

    Wow, look at the child’s huge pot belly! The scale of the belly you only see on aged druken grandpas.
    Sad for the child.
    And please don’t spread out crap like “enery child is different”, there’s still a norm. Otherwise, pediatricians will be out of business ages ago.
    And yes, Leah’s daughter does look so “different” carring that beach ball wherever she goes. What a laughing stock. I don’t command on Leah’s courage to put this out to the public. I think she’s totally oblivious and stupid.

  • tess

    One of my teachers tould me that her kid’s still sleeps with her every night, and they have 15 and 8 years old, this is a real problem don’t you think?

  • Ann

    I just read Leah’s blog that since the show she stopped drinking from the bottle and is eating…she said her mom helped while they were at RR’s show…WTG Leah!

  • aquarius

    Is this some kind of sick joke?

    Read the update and I think there comes the new attention whore champion. The whole thing sounds like an awkward PR stunt to me. And the worst part is that she’s will to show her daughter’s dirty diapers to gain public attention.

    Well, when the little no cry girl grows up and finds out how her mother sold her out to get some national TV exposure, she’ll definetly be thrilled.

  • Anya

    Wow, she is creating a monster! As a parent you have to set rules and limites for your child, otherwise it’s harder for everybody. Leah sounds surprised to learn from the pediatrician that taking bottles at the age of 3.5 is unhealthy. Isn’t it common sense? That child probably has rotten teeth – can you imagine all that milk sitting in her mouth all night long? And poor thing is overweight too from her unhealthy eating patterns. And I am sure she doesn’t have any energy left for physical activity because she constantly wakes up at night.
    I am not perfect by any means, but this story makes me feel like a super-mom!

  • Jen

    In my experience, today’s children are having trouble being potty trained, especially at night, because they are constantly carrying cups and slurping down drinks. If you want your child to succeed at holding their bladder, don’t load them up! That only sets them up for failure.

    When we were kids, we only got a small Dixie cup of water when we were thirsty. And it was satisfying! Today, kids are drinking 8-12 oz. every 1-2 hours and their little bladders are only as big as their fists. My son potty trained very easily and has been clean all night since he was 2 1/2 yrs. Even now, he still gets his last drink about 2 hours before bedtime.

    Before a parent thinks their child “just isn’t ready” to be potty trained, they should look at how much liquid is going into those little bodies on a daily basis first. Biologically speaking, most children can be toilet trained by 3.

  • Duh

    I suppose being dehydrated was “satisfying” too?

  • I don’t understand how a mom can let this kind of thing happen. Even if you are really busy all the time, it still doesn’t make sense. I work 55 hours a week and take online college classes. I also have a two-year-old son. He stopped using a pacifier when he discovered he had thumbs at around three months old, stopped using a bottle at 10 months when he realized his formula and juice came out faster with a sippy, and takes his pants and diaper off when he has a “stinky”. He’s not potty-trained yet, but we’re working on it! By the way, my son cries when he doesn’t get his way, but he stops when he realizes he won’t get the response he wants. We don’t dignify tantrums with attention, but we do celebrate little triumphs, like using the potty or learning new words.

  • Also, my son won’t sleep with me. He likes to sleep alone in his room, with the door closed. He sure lets us know when he’s awake, though! I have been really lucky in having such an easy, good, sweet little man!

  • Anonymous

    you guys have unbelieveable amounts of time on your hands! but then….i just read like 10 of these posts!

    but GOOD LORD, the judgemental people have just convinced me not to bother reading past the cute pics anymore.

    Lay off!!

  • Anonymous

    leave her alone!!!

  • matthew

    I watch the king of queens every day.

  • Jen

    Back off- my daughter just turned 2. She still uses a bottle. She is a well adjusted child, who doesn’t get everything she wants. And guess what? When she wants to, she sleeps in bed with her mom and dad- i am curious as to how many of you are pediatricians? therapists? I wish I knew each and everyone of you perfect moms out there, and had the opportunity to meet your perfect children, just so I could call out everything that I personally think you are doing wrong- because trust me- you are. We all are.
    My daughter is happy. I am happy. She drinks out of a bottle. Oh- wait, did the world just stop spinning?

  • Carmen G

    ^^ *eyeroll* ^^

  • Joan

    Even worse than being a spoiled brat, the child is well on her way to becoming obese, if she isn’t already. I’ll bet that once she starts eating it will be junk food, eaten all day long. This poor kid is waaaay overindulged in every way.

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