Frances Bean Cobain: The New Face Of Chanel

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld is rumored to be in discussions to sign 15 year old Frances Bean Cobain as the new face of Chanel. Frances is the daughter of actress Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain who died in 1994. A friend tells British magazine Hello!,

“She is incredibly pretty and has the most perfect porcelain skin. She and her mother are having talks with Karl about Frances appearing in his next ad campaign. Courtney is concerned about Frances pursuing a catwalk career at such a young age.”

I can’t believe Frances is already 15! She is a pretty girl, a mix of both parents.

Source: Hello!

Photo: Getty

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  • Rinoa

    Didn’t Kurt die in 1994?

  • Sherry

    That would mean he fathered a child after he had been dead for 2 years?

  • Ricki

    He did die in 1994. April 5, 1994 to be exact.

  • Lisa

    You are right – typo on my part…sorry 😉 fixed it

  • Carmen G.

    Oh, so NOW Courtney is concerned about her daughter??? About freaking time when all she’s known for is getting all drugged up.

  • Ricki

    i think with the exception of the nose, she looks exactly like kurt.

  • Amy

    she was born August 18, 1992 which would make her 16 this year

  • Rinoa

    Ricki, you are exactly right! She does look just like him except for the nose – I never noticed that before.

  • Pencils

    Chanel, not “Channel.”

    That’s a bad photo of Frances, she’s a beautiful girl.

  • gia

    she is kind of cute in her own quirky way, but she is sooo not chanel material.

  • Devin

    The perks of having celebrity parents get you jobs you so don’t deserve.

  • pika

    I agree with gia. Cute, but not Chanel. But I’m glad she’ll have some
    positive media attention.

  • Bluezy

    I agree with Devin. I mean…she’s “okay” but I don’t see a outstanding beauty there. There are much prettier people in the world!!

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