Geri Halliwell Is An Author Now

“Ugenia is definitely a part of me. She’s like my inner brat,” she says.

When asked if it wasn’t too hard to write in a way that both adults and kids would understand her story, she answered,

“It was so natural, I am very childlike and silly and I found children relate to my wackiness. I have a language they respond to. I’ve always been driven by books, even self-help ones. As a girl I’d be writing little stories beside this outside toilet at school when I was waiting my turn to go. I’ve got collections of diaries. It was a way of expressing myself.”

Ugenia Lavender is published by Macmillan on Friday, £6.99. The audio book, read by Geri, is available on CD and download, £8.99.

Source : The Sun

More at Ugenia Lavender official website

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