Kelly Ripa Picks Lola & Joaquin Up From School

Kelly Ripa picks up Lola Grace, 6 1/2, and son Joaquin Antonio, 5, at the Ethical Cultural School on the Upper West side today. The trio took a walk to a nearby Pharmacy where they grabbed some snacks – Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos was there to meet up with them.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Jen

    This series of pictures tells a really creepy story. These people are trying to get their children from Point A to Point B without incident. Obviously they are annoyed by the photographer, so much so that the six year old is telling the guy off and holding up her hand for privacy! This stalkerazzi culture is very troubling and I feel sorry for the kids who are growing up in it. Can you imagine having a photographer in your face while you’re running errands everyday? While you’re taking your kids to and from school? While you pump gas? While you’re in a drive-thru? It’s a sick world when this kind of stuff is acceptable.

  2. Vale

    I like this family very much!

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