Patrick Dempsey: “I’m Riding High”

Patrick Demsey has been busy promoting his new movie Made of Honor, about a man in love with his engaged friend, due in theaters May 2. Patrick recently talked to Parade about his passion for his racing cars, his wife Jillian, and his children who have opened up his life “in a major way.” Here’s some highlights from the interview:

On his special time with Talula: “My daughter Talula, loves me to drive her to school in this,”[his Porshe] “She gets to sit next to me. We talk about all kinds of things. We listen to the news and discuss it. I remember when I would do stuff with my father and my mother.”[he says] “You want those moments. They go by very quickly, so you try to get them in when you can.”

On his 1-year old twin boys, Darby and Sullivan: “It’s like a slapstick routine watching these drunk little men run around because they’re wobbly. When you see something happen that they couldn’t so the day before, it’s really heartwarming.”

On missing the chaos when he’s traveling for work: “I was in the gilded cages of all these great hotels, and I just couldn’t figure out why I was so depressed. It was too quiet. I’m used to the noise and the laughter and even the crying.”

On his wife Jillian: “She always says in the morning, ‘They should see you now.’ I have an amazing wife. She’s the road forward. She’s the one who opens the door and says, It’s yours, walk through,’ She never closes a door.”

Source: Parade April 27, 2008 p.7

Photo: Wire Image – MTV’s TRL on Monday in NYC.

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