Charlotte Church To Encourage Young Mothers To Breastfeed

Charlotte Church was spotted with a friend pushing 7-month old Ruby around her South Wales neighborhood the other day.

The 22 year-old singer will be urging more mothers to breastfeed, after statistics showed that 42% of Welch mothers under 20 breastfeed compared to 76% over 30. The Welsh Assembly Government drive will start Monday May 12 at the Wales Millennium Centre – Charlotte had a few things to say about breastfeeding before the launch,

“It was really reassuring knowing that Ruby had extra protection from chest, ear and stomach infections, as well as from diabetes and allergies. On top of that, breastfeeding is free and really convenient – especially in the middle of the night!” [She added] “Feeding Ruby myself has been such a positive experience and I would definitely recommend to other mums that they try it.”

Charlotte hopes to clear up any myths young mothers may have, by sharing her experience,

“I don’t know why so few young mums choose to breastfeed but I think there are a lot of myths out there. It’s important they hear from real mums like me and have all the information they need to make their minds up.”

For more information visit the Welch Assembly Government website.

Source: UK Press

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It’s well-known that brestfeeding is more healthy and better for the kid, than bottle-feeding.


Good for Charlotte! Breastfeeding is best for baby AND mother – reduces the risk of breast cancer for example. Breastfeeding one’s baby is one of the most pleasurable and satisfying experiences in life.