Halle’s Hungry Baby

We saw just Halle’s post baby body over the weekend, and the new mom was spotted on a quick shopping trip yesterday at Diavolina. It’s great to see Halle out and about – and her breast are obviously…hmmm bigger. She hosted the Halle Berry Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament on Monday – where she brought along Gabriel and their daughter Nahla – no we didn’t see the baby, but she was close by in a trailer with a nanny. Halle did tell the guests at one point,

I’m going to have to leave,” she said from the stage. “My baby is calling for my breast. So, if I don’t see everyone later, thank you!”

Source: People

Photo: Fame

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  • Jailynn

    I the pictures yesterday Halle looked FANTASTIC!!!
    Here she still looks pregnant. Is this an old picutre????

  • Lisa

    It’s a new photo – taken Tuesday April 29. I’m sure in the photos of her over the weekend, she had some kind of support on over her belly.

  • Tiffany

    She looks like a normal woman who just gave birth not too long ago minus the incomparable beauty, great skin, wealth, talent, etc….LOL

  • I think this picture is awesome, it shows that she is a real person and not obsessed with getting back to stick-thin, like some other celeb moms!

  • ivy

    that picture is just strange….her stomach is huge , but the rest of her is skinny. she doesnt look like a normal woman who just gave birth at all, she looks like shes 7 months pregnant. i could see if she gave birth yesterday…..

  • moore

    Her body handles it differently, I guess. I know real women who have given birth and looked smaller after a few weeks. None were obsessed with being tiny either. She doesn’t look bad at all, its just a little odd to still see a belly.

  • jae

    She looks gorgeous! And YES! That’s how NORMAL people look after having a baby! Your stomach doesn’t just disappear! Its good to know she’s not doing anything drastic with her body like other celeb moms. Good for her! =)

  • ivy

    ive been around plenty of NORMAL women after they have a baby, ive never seen anything like that. atleast not so long after giving birth. im not saying she has to lose the weight instantly, but its just the way she’s proportioned….something ain’t right.

  • Pencils

    Mostly, I think it’s just a bad shot. Still, she obviously has a belly. It’s not that surprising. For one thing, she’s not a young mom, she’s 41. And she’s a diabetic. It’s not going to be as easy for her to lose the weight as many other women. I’m 41 myself and pregnant, and I know what’s coming (at least I’m not diabetic!) Leave Halle alone, I’m sure she’ll get her body back as soon as she can. It’s her job, after all.

  • blackjade

    please remember that Halle is also 41 years old. As great as she looks (which she does) bodies don’t “bounce back” as quickly as you age. Some women have a belly for a while, some only for a few weeks. And whoever said she looks 7-months pregnant has obviously never been 7-months pregnant!

  • ivy

    actually for your information i am exactly 29 weeks pregnant today 🙂 and my belly isnt as big as hers.

  • Rinoa

    Perhaps it’s just the style of the dress that accentuates her belly. It seems to sort of cling around her middle. But what about those breasts!!! They are huge! 🙂

  • ivy

    yeah i think the angle makes it a lot worse too. those are some big knockers 🙂 too bad they dont stay that way.

  • Tiff

    …just goes to show you that women are the toughest critics on other women. Sad really. I know I won’t be losing any sleep over the size of Halle’s belly. I think she looks amazing.

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