Is Jamie Lynn Having A Girl?

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, was spotted out shopping at the Edgewood Mall in McComb, Mississippi today with a friend. Rumor has it, Jamie Lynn is expecting a girl.

Life and Style magazine reports that Jamie’s mom, Lynne Spears was overheard telling friends the baby will be her first granddaughter. A source tells the magazine,

“I heard Lynne talking about Jamie Lynn’s baby. She said Jamie Lynn and the baby’s dad (Casey Aldridge) were so excited when they found out it’s a girl.” [The source adds] “She is going to do the nursery in white, black and yellow.”

Every time we see Jamie Lynn, it seems she pops even more.

Source: Life & Style


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  • Angela

    I have a feeling that she is having a girl. She is carrying quite high. She looks great, she hasn’t put on any weight, it’s all bump.

  • Jessica

    Well, duh! ^ That’s what happens when you’re SIXTEEN and still have a super fast metabolism & a young body.

  • michelle

    she has gained weight in her face, and is high and round…she’shaving a girl!!

  • Heather

    I think it’s funny that she’s pictured out shopping with some other 16 year old that has a kid. I guess having a baby is the new trend among children in Kentwood, LA.

  • Shandi

    So the nursery theme is ‘bumblebee’ ?????

  • Lora in Kentucky

    @Heather: How can you make the assumption that they girl with Jamie Lynn is 16. She looks a little older than that to me. That’s being quite stereotypical don’t ya think?

    I’m happy for Jamie Lynn. I think she will be a normal, responsible mother.

  • stephanie

    Sorry, but weight, high bellys… round has NOTHING to do with the sex of a baby. those are all old wives tales! Everyone told me I was having a girl. I was all belly, still wearing my jeans and regular tops until i was about 6 months preggo. and guess what, I had a boy! The young age DOES have something to do with small frames during pregnancy. NO I’m not 16, I’m 24! So chill on the guessing…only an ultrasound can determine the sex of a child!

  • dd

    stephanie, you’re an idiot. No one professes these ‘rules’ to be fact, but a lot of times, they can be accurate in determining the sex of a baby. It’s just ‘fun’ for family/friends etc to see if they can pick if it’s a boy or girl.

  • Natalie

    Boy, girl, I could care less about the sex of her child. I just wish her a happy, healthy baby. And I sincerely hope and believe that she will be a better mother than her sister. Good luck, Jamie Lynn!

  • Natalie (not the same as above)

    Britney had a lot of issues to deal with and perhaps didn’t have the correct support. Parental love isn’t always enough!
    Sites like these are to celebrate children and there mothers. Most people DO want to know or at least have a guess as to the sex of the baby. I don’t agree with the media hype after a celeb picks up a pink bib because they think it’s cute with a giraffe on it and is suddenly having a girl. But having a natter with the regulars on here is all about fun as if you were at a mummy/baby group.
    Lighten up! x

  • stephanie

    no “dd” you are an idiot!!! all this “guessing” is lame! like i said, only an ultrasound can determine the sex. get over it!

  • lala1345

    It’s so fun to read your comments! It’s like watching a soap opera! It’s so dramatic and
    idiotic but just can’t prevent yourself from reading them.

  • ivy

    stephanie is right, how you carry depends on your body frame and muscle tone…….how could that have anything to do with whether the baby has a penis or not???? if you wanna guess then just guess, dont be stupid about it.


    There is nothing cool about a seventeen year old having a kid. Where were her parents. Kids are a huge responsibility especially when you are just a kid yourself. Well at least she has money to hire a Nanny, when that kid starts to get on her nerves but everybody doesn’t have that luxury. I hope young girls who see her don’t try to copy what she did. but instead learn from it and wait, she should have been preparing for her prom. not a baby shower.

  • n

    dont get me wrong i would love to have a son may it be 3 boys or girls watever the case i just speak my mind which i hoping for 3 girls and maybe a son and adopting

  • Tracy

    N~ you should really go back to school and learn how to speak properly before you bring children into this world and pass down your ignorance. Seriously.

  • Ricki

    i wouldn’t go so far as to say learn to speak before you bring more children into this world, but i would say practice what you preach. n, you backtalked stephanie for her opinion just as much as she did the other people. only you were much more rude about it. she never said she wanted a girl, just that people said she was going to have one. boys AND girls are angelic gifts to be treasured equally. did you read the part of the paragraph before the comment box that said “respectful comments are encouraged”? what about the part that said “comments which attack or offend . . . any other commenters will be deleted”.

    i am really starting to lose my faith in this site. it needs to be monitored more.

  • n

    yes i realize how rude i was and like i said i apologixe for that to stephanie also to all who have read these comments i was upset at how stephanie reacted to the others but again im sorry

  • Lala

    Good Lord! Everyone needs to simmer down. I have heard about carrying high, low, dangling a crystal from a string, dropping an egg on the floor, etc. Its all in good fun and it dosen’t make anyone stupid if they buy into it.

  • “The Bailees”

    TRACY please drop it she apologized didnt she??? okay cut her some slack ~n shouldn’t have said those remarks but she fessed up didnt she??? Okay and Rikki ! it was an honest mistake reread her apology please geez thats horrible c’mon tracy im not giving you a argument but why would you tell her to go back to school and she doesn’t deserve kids thats just plain evil sorry but thats the honest truth but i hope you can put aside all this stuff and im being friendly also this is indeed Jaime Lynn yeah im happy for her i hope she’d be a great mommy better than brit britt im happy brit is getting her stuff together

  • naomi

    Listen uP its sad how this happen but happily the teen birth rates have been dropping because the fact teens are joining abstinent clubs and are learning to say no and they are taught about aids and herpes and im so glad im in this group and am satyng a virgin til marriage and have my purity ring

  • Helena

    I dont have a problem with 16 year olds having babies and all that traditions is fun. At least later you can laugh about the fact that the rind hanging from a string said you were going to have 2 kids and you had 5 kids or that you are having only boys and ended up with just girls. You can at laest have fun with myths and have a healthy baby. Hope you take good care of that baby Jamie Lynne and remember that is 18years long your responsabilaty.

  • Anonymous

    she is a ,killer mom

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