Maxwell Mark Croft Makes His Debut In OK!

Kerry Katona and her husband Mark Croft introduce their newborn son Max in OK! magazine this week. If you remember, we saw Max right after delivery, now at almost 3-weeks old, he’s already changed so much. Little “big” sister Heidi, 14-months, is so cute!

Source: Ok!

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  • Reader

    Is this the woman who did drugs and smoked all through her pregnancy? SHAME ON HER! She doesn’t deserve a cover. Hope all the money she’s making off it will go to medical visits/care for her children, as opposed to her drug habit!

  • Laur.

    hate her
    that kid is gunna be messed up

    and whats with everyone calling their kids max ?!?
    Christina, JLo and Kerry
    WTF ??

    apparently kerry named her son max after her publicist max clifford

  • Angela

    Kerry didn’t do drugs during her pregnancy, that was just a false rumour. She did a drugs test to prove it and it came back negative. She did smoke during it, but a lot of pregnant women do. Anyway, Max is so cute! And Heidi is gorgeous.

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