Katie “Jordan” Price & Family In Disney

Katie “Jordan” Price husband Peter Andre and their kids Harvey, 5 1/2, (dad is Dwight Yorke) Junior, 2 1/2, and Princess Tiáamii, 10 months, are pictured watching the parade at Disney World while filming their reality show.

During their trip Princess Tiáamii started calling Peter “Daddy”

“Something really exciting has also happened this week,”[he says].”My gorgeous little daughter said “Daddy” for the first time! Of course, my wife is continually getting her to say “Mummy” instead so that she gets all the attention, but I really don’t care – I’m totally over the moon.”

Source: Now

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. taylor

    she is seriously trash and looks utterly (un)thrilled to be with her kids.

  2. Judy

    I hate to break the news to him, but his little daughter is not gorgeous.

  3. tiffany

    damn why so cold
    jordan doesnt even look like trash
    why you gonna put down alittle kid??
    she looks just like her dad she never did anything to you^:[

  4. amii

    tiffany ur right how could eny body be so mean about a 10month old baby u wont like if someone said that bowt ur kids
    n shes absoluty gorgous

  5. Jan

    What is wrong with Harvey’s right foot?…………poor kid! Everybody knows that she took drugs and drank alcohol when she was pregnant with him……..she is sooooooooo not a good mother!

  6. nicolette

    i think princess tiaamii is gorgeous ,she is a different looking baby but she is beautiful!!!
    i think they are a nice and loving family

  7. B3x

    wat a shame, in every photo NO-ONE is even looking at Harvey never mind talking to him…..

  8. Natalie

    Yeah. I second that. Did doesn’t help that he his blind, but he does seem like they ignore him. Poor chap.

    About his leg, I think I remember reading he had a burn accident when he was 4 1/2. Something about him pulling on the table cloth and subsequently getting burnt.

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