Tom, Katie & Suri Spotted In Manhattan

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a barefoot Suri, 2, were spotted leaving their hotel today in NYC. In case you missed Tom’s first segment on Oprah, you can watch it here – part two airs on Monday.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • fee

    Isnt she getting abit big for a bottle. My son was off the bottle by 18mnths & even then he was only having one at night to go to sleep….. What is in it that she drinks anyway? It looks like a plastic bag of stuff in her bottle…..

  • Rinoa

    I know there’s always a lot of debate on here about the bottle. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before on here but I had a bottle until I was 5 years old (and I only stopped because I started going to school). It obviously wasn’t the only way that I drank liquids but I had one each night when my mom read me stories before bed. Just thought I would share my story. I don’t really have an opinion on bottles.

  • Linda

    I dont see the problem about the bottle, kids up to 4 years old can have a bottle in my opinion 😉

    Doesn’t her hair looks very light in these pics ??

  • lucia

    no problem with the bottle! suri is not my daughter, i’m sorry fot her teeth but it’s ok, she’s only 2!
    but, i want to ask: why suri has her hair blonder?
    they tinted her hair!

  • Francesca

    What’s with the bottle?! My 22 month old has been drinking out of a sippy-cup since she was 14 months old. I believe that bottles and pacifiers at 2 years old don’t teach little ones to be independent. Just my opinion…

  • amii

    is it me or does her hair look relly light???

  • Jen

    I had to have my first born off the bottle by the time he was 9 months old because he had to have a surgery on his palate, and that was quite difficult. I didn’t take my 2nd child off the bottle until well after 2 years of age and I regret it because he has had multiple problems with his teeth because of it (and no, he wasn’t taking the bottle to bed). So with my last child, I had him off the bottle and onto a sippy cup by the time he was a year old and then using a regular cup shortly after that.

    I think that it’s a personal decision that every parent must make for themselves, though I do know that a lot preschools require a child to be able to drink out of a regular cup in order to attend. So that’s something to consider.

  • Jen

    Why do parents continually set the bar extremely low with this stuff? Kids can use sippies at 12 months. Many can use straws by 18 months (my son is 16 months and uses a regular straw). I do not understand why parents continue to let toddlers and older children use things that babies use, especially bottles. Do they continue to jingle plastic keys in their faces and say “goo goo gaa gaa” to these kids? Of course not! Babies and toddlers graduate quickly to more advanced toys and language. So why not expect them to use cups and eat like a normal person??!!

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