Adorable Suri

I posted a picture of Tom, Katie and Suri leaving their Manhahttan hotel yesterday, but when I saw this I had to post it. It’s from the same set, the family was actually leaving NYC via helicopter from the Westside Heliport.

Source: Splash

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  • suzan

    She’s precious

  • Brittany

    She’s so beautiful. In this picture she looked like that girl in 10,000 BC movie

  • Anonymous

    suri is such a beautiful child…just look at her eyes!

  • ron

    she does look like camilla belle here.. she’s so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I know she’s cute and all but are they changing the color of her hair??? Isn’t she alittle young for that???

  • DropThePilot

    No, I don’t think they do, it’s just the shadow or the effect of flashlights.

  • Dea

    Beautiful eyes!

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