Anna’s Good With One…For Now

Anna Friel, the 31 year-old actress of Pushing Daisies has recently stated she will not be having any more children until the series has finished. Anna and her partner David Thewlis are raising their 3 year-old daughter Gracie. Anna states:

“I definitely want more kids. I’d like another two probably, but not yet. I can’t right now – I’m not sure how they would explain my character on ‘Pushing Daisies’ getting pregnant when her leading man can’t actually touch her. What am I – the Virgin Mary?”

Anna plays Charlotte Charles on Pushing Daisies – a character who is brought back to life by her childhood sweetheart, but faces death again if he touches her.

When questioned about the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood, Anna said that she has never worried about coping with pregnancy pounds and finds the obsession with size unhealthy. She adds:

“I don’t think being self-obsessed is a very endearing quality to have. Just being self-aware and healthy is enough, I think.”

Written by Jenny

Source: Female First

Photo: 4/08 Flynet

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  1. Bev

    I love her, and that show!!

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