Reese Helps Raise $8 Million for Women’s Issues

Last weekend, Reese Witherspoon hit the pavement for the last mile of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer’s Washington leg. As global ambassador for Avon, Reese’s duties include honorary chairwoman of the Avon Foundation, which raises money and awareness for breast cancer research, domestic violence and emergency relief.

The walk raised more than $8 million for research and outreach. Reese proudly stated about the success of this event:

“I’ve always been very focused on creating positive images and doing things to give back to women.”

Reese is planning to have a low-key Mother’s Day weekend with her own mother, Betty Reese, and her 2 children, Ava & Deacon. Reese says her life can be very hectic with the paparazzi continuously hounding her, although she says her children have “always kind of known me to be who I was, and if people know Mom at the grocery store, I think they kind of like it.” The 32 year-old actress goes on to say:“Obviously, if you’re not having the greatest day, it’s not always easy, but for the most part, (fame) brings a lot of positive things into our life.”

Source: USA Today

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  • One more reason to love her! Reese is one of my favourite Hollywood moms. 🙂

    And how nice to hear someone admit that fame has some pretty nice perks. It can get kind of tiring hearing some celebrities always complaining about the trials of being rich and famous!

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