The Shields-Henchy Family Get Cozy

Sweet picture of the Shields-Henchy family as they film a Royal Velvet bedding campaign. Rowan, soon to be 5, and Grier, 2, look just like their daddy, and are getting so big!

Photo:Tony Duran

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  1. tess

    They are a beautiful family and the girls are just too cute. And yes they look like their daddy.

  2. anne

    Rowan resembles dad on first impression (coloring obviously), but she seems to have some of Brooke’s “definition” going on, too (more clearly drawn features & facial structure than her sister?). In any event, both little girls are just beautiful!

  3. Tracy

    uhhh, those poor unfortunate kids.

  4. taylor

    yes- sad to say… the girls might be beautiful later in life, but they are def odd looking now.

  5. Michelle

    what?!!! They are both beautiful!

  6. Peta

    What is wrong with you people? You expect little children to be stunners?

    They’re quite adorable and, after seeing the Dereon children’s ads, I’m glad to see children looking like children.

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