Brangelina To Welcome Latest Addition(s) In France

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have still not confirmed they are having another biological child(ren?), yet have reportedly started shipping baby clothes and toys from their US home to France.

It has been rumored that the A-lister couple plans to welcome their latest addition(s) to the family in France where they have been seen canoodling in the past few weeks. The entire Pitt-Jolie crew is staying in a villa on the French Riviera and a source close to the couple says:

“Brad and Angelina are more than content just to stay put in France until after their twins are born. They have started shipping over clothes, toys and Brad’s Ducati motorbike to make sure they are prepared for the birth.”

Why France this time around? As we reported earlier, Angelina wants to give birth in France as a tribute to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, who was of French-Canadian descent and recently died in January of 2007.

Source: Female First

Photo: 5/4/07 Bauer-Griffin

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  1. fee

    Do their kids ever walk by themselves? They are always getting carried around…….by a stroller or make them walk! My husband always insisted on carrying our son and now when he has to walk he puts on the biggest performance….

  2. I’m guilty of carrying my 2-year-old around more than I should when we’re out. She walks great for a while, but then it’s “Up! Up! Up!” the rest of the way.

    But they probably have a better excuse, seeing as there are cameras in their faces 24/7.

    I wonder if she’s really having twins?? I don’t really trust Star magazine, but the rumor doesn’t seem to be dying…

  3. Rachel

    My personal opinion is that they are carrying their kids in public as a safety measure.

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