Sarah Jessica Parker: Being A Parent Is “Most Important To Me”

Celebrity mom Sarah Jessica Parker graces this week’s cover of Parade and inside talks about Sex and the City, the Presidential campaign, and of course her husband Matthew Broderick and their 5 year old son James Wilkie. Here’s some highlights from the interview:

On who’s the stricter parent: “I am,” she says. “Does it surprise anybody that I would be? It’s not that Matthew spoils him, but he just has a different way of parenting than I do. I was never spoiled. Oh, dear no. I was the baby of the family only for a wee time, and I was lucky to get any attention, let alone be spoiled. A few years ago, I found all our baby books. My two older brothers’ baby books were filled with pictures. Then we found mine, and it only had my name written in it. There was nothing else in there. Not one picture. So there you have it. I’ve been starved for attention ever since.”

On James Wilkie’s wardrobe: “Oh, no. He only wears hand-me-downs because I’ve got all these older nephews,” Parker insists. “That’s the God’s honest truth. Plus, my mother saved all my brothers’ clothes. I am not kidding. I don’t think I’ve ever bought him any clothes. Maybe a new winter coat. I do buy him shoes, because everybody’s feet are different.”

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On being present in James’ life: “I’m his primary caregiver,” Parker says. “I put him to bed every night. I get him dressed. I’m the one who gives him his toothbrush. I take him to school every morning. He’s very small, but his personality is 6 feet 4. I’m spending the whole summer with him out at our beach house.

On James’ love for his father Matthew Broderick: “My son is so in love with his father. He really worships him, and that changes the way you see somebody and deepens it. The only thing he may love almost as much as his father are Legos and Star Wars and the cast recording of The Full Monty.”

Source: Parade

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  • Dea

    If what she said is true about hand-me-downs, I like her even more. It’s great to see a celeb who doesnt look at second hands as if it might ruin their reputation or something..

  • Tiffany

    Here, here!

  • ivy

    that makes a lot of sense, thats why he never has clothes that fit him.

  • Ann

    From the pics i’ve seen from here…his clothes do look like happy hand me downs!!! She knows in real life that clothes do not make the person.

  • Bluezy

    He always looks homeless so I believe they are hand-me-downs. He needs a haircut and some clothes that fit him!!

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