Another Baby For TomKat?

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcoming another adorable tot to the mix? Sources close to the couple who spent time with them in NYC earlier this week, reveal that Katie wants to have another baby soon:

“She said she’s got the itch, now that Suri is more toddler than baby, she said she misses having an infant in the house. And, of course, she thinks Suri would make a great big sister.” [When asked what Tom thinks of this idea, they replied] “He said if Katie wants to make another baby, she doesn’t have to ask twice. He always wanted more. It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”


Photo: 5/3/08 Pacific Coast News

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  • SMH

    Wonder who will be the sperm donor this time around?

  • Linda

    Im really curios about how their next child will look like.

  • Tracy

    did they consult, Suri, their ‘adult’ child on this?

  • Devin

    Suri is so beautiful and any child that Tom and Katie produce will be equally gorgeous.

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