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Kelly Preston recently revealed what makes her 17-year marriage to John Travolta work, and why they choose to live outside the bubble of Hollywood.

“We don’t really live in L.A. We live in Florida. We’ve got our kids, do a lot of very normal things there. We ride golf carts, swim, rollerblade…We try to keep the family together as much as humanly possible.”

Kelly also admits to her love for shopping:

“I love Target! I’m telling you, they have so many great things. Kirstie Alley’s one of my best friends and we’ve gone in there and walked out with two shopping carts a piece. It’s crazy. It’s bad.”

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Kelly said she supports John 100% and there are no jealousy issues surrounding his fame:

“There’s no competition at all. I married one of the biggest movie stars in the world. To even think about that would be silly. I’m so proud of him. He’s the greatest.”

When asked what their 2 children, Jett, 16, and Ella, 8, think of their parents’ fame, she said:

“They think it’s normal. They’ve grown up on sets. They’ve traveled with us all over the world shooting different locations. They’re very much used to it.” [Kelly said that Ella has been hit with the acting bug] “Ella, Johnny and I just did a movie together that’ll be out next year called Old Dogs. We shot with Robin Williams. Had the best time.”

Does Kelly think exposing Ella to acting at such a young age is risky? The Jerry Maguire star replied:

“It’s all about choices. About instilling values…We don’t do drugs, I don’t drink. Johnny doesn’t really drink so she’s not around a lot of that, so I don’t think she’ll be as tempted to fall into that…She’s an amazing kid.” When asked about the scrutiny her friend Tom Cruise has received since the couch-jumping incident on Oprah, the 45 year-old actress said: “To be honest, I felt sad that I live in a society where we can’t show pure joy if you’re excited. He’s passionate, so he showed some unbridled emotion. Good for him. It was just spun out of control.”

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