Adoptive Moms Speak Out Against “Non-Mom” Label

An NBC Mother’s Day special has undergone some last-minute changes after adoptive parents spoke out against a discriminatory label being used on the show: “non-mom’s.” Apparently, the show was using this label to describe mother’s with adopted children.

“We heard the concerns from our viewers, and we certainly understood that,” an NBC spokeswoman said. “We immediately looked into it, and we were able to change that.” As of Friday, the “non-mom mom” was re-worded to the “adopting mom.” NBC has recently made this update on their website and the special, which airs on Mother’s Day, will use this term.“We did take their concerns into consideration,” their rep said. “Certainly, it was always our intent to celebrate all moms, and that’s why we wanted to have that category.” This special honors “a grandparent, stepmom, or mom to adopted children, each one raising and loving a child.”

The earlier label of “non-mom” did not set well with adoptive parents who noticed this on the NBC website on Friday.

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“I’m not usually offended all that easily by this kind of stuff, but this one really gets me,” a posting on reads. “I guess if I’m not my kids’ mom someone else can make dinner, buy their clothing and pay for their college!”

Interestingly, the special airing on Sunday, America’s Favorite Mom, is co-hosted by Marie Osmond, who is an adoptive mother herself. NBC did not comment if Marie, who is co-hosting with brother Donny Osmond, had spoken up about the non-mom category. The sponsor of the special, Teleflora, made a statement:

“Many of us at Teleflora are ‘adopting’ parents ourselves, including our president and owner. After closer examination,” an online statement says, “we can see how this may have been offensive to moms who have adopted children—moms who are indeed real moms to their children in every sense of the word.”

Source: Eonline

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  • Theresa

    They (NBC) see how it could have been insensitive…yeah…no doubt…the fact that they would even have to classify moms through adoption into a different catergory is offensive…as a proud mom to two beautiful girls I can say without out a doubt to them…I am mom…so NBC can classify however they want…the most important people in my life…simply call me mom…and that as most other moms out there know is what’s important!

    However you became a Mother….Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  • Dea

    Wow, that was so wrong in many levels. Just because the child(ren) didnt come out of their wombs, it doesnt make them lesser moms. I am glad they rectified that.

  • MartiniLush

    WTF? ANY woman who parents a child is a mom – no matter HOW that child came to be part of their lives – giving birth, adoption, marriage, etc! Wow! Amazing that NBC wouldn’t have thought that this would be offensive until people complained – CRAZY!!!

  • PCH

    I have canceled my MySpace page and will not patronize any of the other sponsors. I do not have a non-mom or an adopting mom – I have a mom, period.

    Ironically, the woman who won the Adopting Mom category has never adopted any children.

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