Michelle & Matlida On Mother’s Day

Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda, 2 1/2, celebrate Mother’s Day at a local park in Brooklyn with some friends. Matilda is getting so big – I love the picture of her on the monkey bars!

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  1. Wow, she really looks so much like Heath.

    I love that Michelle is pushing the empty stroller while carrying Matilda on her hip! Geez, does that ever look familiar! 🙂

  2. Megs

    I cannot get over how much Matilda looks like the late father, what a darling little girl! I am sure Michelle is very proud of her. Darling!!

  3. lucia

    Matilda is a big girl!
    Sure she is a happy girl because she has a very normal mum, Michelle is a celebrity but seems so normal, and we can see Matilda as a very loved daughter.

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