Milo Takes His Mama To Lunch

Milo spent Mother’s Day with his mom Liv Tyler and grandma (Liv’s mom) Bebe Buell. They went to lunch at Ago restaurant in Tribeca. Liv just announced her separation from husband Royston Langdon last week.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Dea

    They couldnt pick a better time for separation, could they?

  2. janie

    Nice tattoo on grandma’s ankle – real classy!

  3. Tracy

    Yeah, cuz no one has a tattoo-geez, lighten up!

  4. Bluezy

    I just don’t get why these stars dress their kids so badly? This kid is seriously going to get his butt kicked when he starts school.

  5. bee

    Bebe is an old school hard core groupie. I’d be disappointed if she didn’t have a tat! Liv is real conservative compared to her parents.

  6. Bebe’s tattoo is of her daughter’s name within a flower. It is really pretty actually. She may have added Milo too.
    To call her an hard core anything at this point in her life is not very nice.
    She is still Liv’s mom and Milo’s grandmother.

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