A Water Birth For Minnie Driver?

Minnie Driver, who is due in August, may be considering a water birth. A friend of Driver’s revealed:

“She’s thinking about using a birthing pool and has been speaking about all the different places that it could go in her house.”

The UK native is also unsure where to give birth – the UK or the US. A source said:

“Minnie’s facing a real dilemma. She has become very attached to America. A big part of her would be very happy to have her child there as it’s her adopted home. But equally, she has a strong emotional attachment to England, and likes the ideas of her baby being born a proper Brit. She’s not sure what to do.”

As we reported earlier the baby daddy is not musician Craig Zolezzi – we do know the mystery man is British, and is “sort of in the same business and really busy”.

Minnie Driver performed at an intimate concert at the Arts Theatre in London yesterday.

Has anyone reading had a water birth?

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Source: Female First

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  1. V-mom

    Yup, I’ve had two. It helps reduce the pain level by several notches! More power to Minnie!

  2. dixiegirl

    The waterbirth part doesn’t scare me. The “home” part does. Sure alot of people do it and that’s their choice. If I had chosen a home birth my baby and I both would not have survived. Emergency C-section! No time for a drive to the hospital or anything like that. You’ve got to have quick access to surgery if the worst happends.

  3. Readsgirl

    I’ve had three home births all in the water. Everything was fantastic and the most amazing experiences. I was the first person to touch and hold my babies, I announced the sex of the babies and I was able to labor the way I wanted to with music, candles, drinking water and eating when I felt like it. Homebirth isn’t for everyone, you have to be confident with yourself, trusting of your midwives and pregnancy wise you have to be healthy and sound. Midwives do not take unnecessary risks, I was safe, comfortable and respected the entire time from prenatal care to birth and delivery to post natal follow up visits. I am asked frequently about the reasons I chose homebirth, midwife care and waterbirth and am happy to relate the reasons why. The immediate and best reasons are TRUST, RESPECT AND LOVE between my family and the care providers. Educate yourselves about WHY there are so many “emergency” c-sections and needless interventions and complications/infectious diseases in hospital births and do what is right and true for you and your experience when you bring your children into the world. Whether you are in the hospital or at home you can have a powerful and loving experience that you are in control of from start to finish if you are educated and committed to honoring the occasion of childbirth.

  4. Virginia

    I have had four beautiful babies and only one was a water birth. All were natural and delivered without any medicine by their father, but the water birth was the best and most memorable. the water relieves some of the pain and takes off some of the pressure. I strongly encourage any woman who is having a healthy pregnancy to go for this meathod. I have never felt more empowered as a woman than when I deliver naturally, I feel that I am bringing my child into this world exactly how they were intended and it is a precious moment.

  5. Shoshanna

    Yay! Another celebrity home birth – Go Minnie!

    Myself? I’ve had 2 water births both assisted by nothing more than loving midwives and family.

    My first one was in a studio, and second one in a monastery. My second one truly was the fairy tale one (I am not making this up) monks chanting, my favorite music playing – My daughter even joined me in the birthing pool while I was in early labor (she went to watch tv in the adjoining room when the labor started getting intense). A truly blessed and empowering experience.

    My parents and I basically didn’t speak to each other during my pregnancies because they were so worried about me birthing my children this way (you’d think that they would have relaxed after my first one). I was sad and if I could go back I still would have done it this way. This is a totally viable option for healthy women with no history of complications.

    My advice to women considering this option-
    Trust your instincts. This is YOUR body. Don’t let anyone let you forget that!

    Also check our Ricki Lakes’s documentary about home-birthing “The business of being born” for a pro home birthing perspective.

  6. Victoria Burke

    I labored in a birthing pool for both my homebirths. they were the only way i could have gotten through the second ( a boy 10lb 6oz) – it assists in relaxing all the muscles and being able to birth with no pain killers. I did not actually birth in the water. I was on a U shaped stool. Everyone has to decide what is best for them and other should support their choice.

  7. I’ve had 1 hospital birth to my 7lbs 8oz little boy and 1 home water birth to my 10lbs 4oz ‘little’ girl.

    I will never give birth in a hospital again if I can help it and I hope to never give birth on dry land again either!

    Go Minnie!!

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