Brangelina Take The Boys On A Yacht

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  • Carmen G

    Why? Because they’re not “American-looking” enough for you?

  • Tracy

    Yes, that’s exactly it. I can’t have an opinion because I am prejudice. You’re an idiot.

  • Carol

    I think they are a beautiful family. The kids are obviously loved by both of their parents, and their lives are filled with so much adventure. As a child of neglect, it warms my heart to see them get the care and affection that every child needs and deserves.

  • Dea

    It’s great to see they divide their time with both sets of kids (girls and boys) before another set of twin joins them.

  • Carmen G

    Well Trashy, everybody i suppose isn’t as gorgeous as you are.

  • anon

    They aren’t cute and in my opinion Shiloh is the most unattractive of the lot. She is constantly being shoved down peoples throat as this child that defines beauty. I don’t think so, most people rave over her because of the blonde hair and the blue eyes. And dare to have an opininon to the contrary and you get the crap beat out of you by these brangeloonies.

  • k

    That sounds alot like sour grapes to me, I am not a mega Brangelina fan but I think the children are nice and I do think Shiloh is very pretty, to say she is unattractive is quite a stretch!!!

  • Nicole

    I agree, it sounds more like sour grapes than anything else – my guess is anon’s preferred star often gets shoved out of the limelight when Brad and Angelina are in the news.

    And I actually think Maddox is the cutest in the bunch. It all comes down to personal taste – there are honestly moments I don’t think Pax is cute, but it’s the picture, not the kid.

  • Tracy

    thanks, anon-you people act like their your best friends’ kids-god get a life.
    No one can have an opinion that differs from yours.
    And yes, Carmen, it is SO hard to be as pretty and as smart as me! You’re still an idiot.

  • Tracy

    I meant -they’re- by the way! I type really fast too! haha.

  • anon

    There are no sour grapes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I my eyes don’t see the beauty in these children. Yes, they are adorable, but cute, beautiful, no freaking way to me. But this just proves what I was saying the brangelina fans attack you if you don’t agree that this is the most beautiful, gorgeous, loving family. They act as if these two invented parenthood. Nicole you sound like an idiot I don’t have a favorite star or favorite celebrity child. I just get sick of everyone telling me how beautiful Shiloh is and I just can’t see it. From the moment she was born those first pictues of her looking like Yoda were not of a cute child.

  • DropThePilot

    Thank God, I’m not the only one who doesn’t think Brangelina’s kids are beautiful. To my taste, there are cutier children (like Kingston, Gwen Stefani’s kid;).

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