Angelina Confirms She’s Having Twins (Update)

Pregnant Angelina Jolie and Jack Black (wife Tanya is expecting baby#2) were interviewed by Today show’s Natalie Morales – who is also expecting baby#2, on Wednesday, while promoting their new animated film, “Kung Fu Panda” in Cannes.

During the interview Jack let it slip that Angie is expecting twins – and she confirmed the news – here’s the update:

“You’re gonna have as many as (the) ‘Brady Bunch’ when you have these,” Jack joked.

“It’s confirmed? Is it two?”, Natalie asked.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve confirmed that already,” Angelina responded. “Well, Jack’s just confirmed it actually.”

“Is that true?”, Jack said jokingly.

“Yeah, you did,” Angelina replied.

“Sorry,” Jack concluded.

“So you’re having twins?”, Natalie asked, as Angelina nodded with a ‘yes.’

“Do you know the sexes of the babies”, Natalie asked. “Or, are you keeping that private?”

“We would like to keep that private,” Angelina said.

“Are you going to stay here in France to deliver?”, Natalie also asked at one point.

“Possibly,” Angelina responded.

You can catch the interview on Access Hollywood tonight, and tomorrow morning on the Today show.

The twins will be the fifth and sixth child for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Source: Access Hollywood

Photo: Courtesy of Access Hollywood

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  • Tracy

    If she is having twins, she looks great. I had twins and I felt like a house!

  • Nicole

    I’m hoping for boy/girl. I want to see a little boy from their genes! I can’t believe it, 6 kids in like 3 years.

  • all i can say is wow. they are really lucky people!

  • Lisa

    I’d love to see them have a boy and a girl too – I’m curious to see what the babies will grow up to look like.

  • Bev

    Aww..Im happy for them. She does seem really happy.

  • maria

    me encantan

  • Angela

    I am very happy for them. 6 kids, wow, they will be kept busy. I hope they have a girl and a boy, a mini brad would be very cute!

  • Natalie

    I would love for them to have two little boys. If they are fraternal it would be so sweet to see which characteristics they have each taken from Brad and Ange. Was it said that they had fertility treatment? x

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