Nancy Kerrigan Welcomes Third Child – A Girl!

Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, 38, and husband Jerry Solomon, 53, welcomed their third child – and first girl – Wednesday morning in Winchester, Mass. The baby was born via Caesarean section, and weighed 6 lbs., 12 oz.

Big brothers Matthew, 11, and Brian, 3, were anticipating the birth of their new sibling, and were both surprised,

“They’re very excited. Matthew wanted a girl and Brian wanted a boy, and the two would occasionally argue about it, but they’re both looking forward to having a new sibling.”

Nancy and Jerry are still working on a name,

“I think that is the hardest job, to pick a name for somebody,” says Kerrigan. “We are not very good at that.”

How many of you left the hospital without a name for your baby? Or how many of you named your baby one name, then changed your mind?

We named my middle daughter Margaret, told our family – then I changed my mind, she just didn’t look like a Maggie – now she’s Abigail ‘Abby.’

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  • gina

    My whole pregnancy my son was going to be Pacen. (Pace for short) He was born by C-Section..when my husband brought him over to me, I said ..Hi Pace!! Then I immediately said..Oh NO NO NO thats NOT his name…an hour later he was Matthew. He just..WAS matthew. Like he knew all along that Matte was meant to be his name. This was my 5th child and the first time it happened that way!

  • Beth

    I am having my first child and when we didn’t know what we were having we had a girls name all picked out (Sophia) but couldnt decide on a boys name at all. We had a list of about 10 names but couldnt choose. As soon as we found out it was a boy we decided immediatly his name would be Spencer James and that has stuck ever since. It just feels right. I wouldnt take my baby home with no name though. My husband and I love referring to my “Bump” as Spencer and his family does too, I think it all makes us feel closer to the life inside that we all cant wait to meet. Less then 2 months to go!

  • Tracy

    We didn’t name our ‘boy twin’ until the day before we left the hospital. It was a fight to the end! After spending a few days with him, we thought Aidan, meaning ‘little fire’ was appropriate. And let me tell you, we haven’t been proved wrong yet!

  • ivy

    ive had my names picked out for years….ivy lavender or kane maddox. we dont know what we’re having so i call my belly ivy and my husband calls it kane 🙂

  • i wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital without a name for my kids

  • Nosoupforyou

    Does anyone have any pictures of Nancy’s kids?

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